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Parkway Dental : Tooth Removal / Tooth Extractions in Snellville, GA

At Parkway Dental, we work hard to keep your mouth in as healthy of a state as possible. However, when a situation arises that requires the removal of one or more teeth, we are here for you. We can remove a tooth without a lot of hassle and discomfort. We will work hard to make the process of a tooth removal / tooth extractions as easy, stress-free, and comfortable as possible.

Reasons You May Need Tooth Extractions

There are a variety of circumstances under which you may need to have a tooth removed. Below are some of the reasons a doctor may recommend one or more tooth extractions.

  • Severe damage to a tooth is a common reason for an extraction. If the tooth cannot be repaired with a filling or crown, it must be removed and replaced.
  • Crowding is often a problem with teens and adults interested in orthodontics. To align the teeth, overcrowding must be solved by removing a tooth.
  • Infection of the tooth or gum can lead to an extraction in order to save surrounding teeth and restore health to the gum tissue.
  • Wisdom teeth are common problem-causers because they often come in crooked or impacted. We can take care of wisdom teeth right here in our office.

If you are suffering from any of these issues, you may need to have a tooth removed. We can help you feel comfortable throughout the procedure. Read on to learn more about the process and how we can help it be less intimidating.

The Tooth Extractions Process

We understand that the idea of an extraction can be intimidating. Let’s try to calm any fears by talking through the extraction process. We hope this helps the procedure to seem less intimidating and easier to understand.

Before performing the procedure, we will ensure that you are comfortable using a couple different methods. First, we apply a topical anesthetic in addition to a local anesthetic. These anesthetics are commonly used in dental practices across the country and are very safe and simple to administer. Oftentimes, this is all the patient needs to feel comfortable. These anesthetics will help to eliminate any pain you are feeling in the area of the tooth that is being extracted.

If you are feeling nervous or need additional help feeling comfortable before the procedure, we can also offer you two different types of dental sedation. We can offer you laughing gas or oral conscious sedation (a medication taken in pill form) in order to help you feel more at ease. Talk to your doctor ahead of time to make sure dental sedation is a good option for you.

Once you are comfortable, we will extract the tooth. We do this using specialized tools for gripping and removing the tooth. This process is fairly quick and usually isn’t uncomfortable or unpleasant for the patient. If at any time during the procedure you are uncomfortable, please let us know and we will work to make sure you are put at ease.

After the Tooth Extractions

After tooth extractions, there are a few precautions you must take to encourage proper healing. Follow the tips below, and you should be fine!

  • Take your painkillers as prescribed.
  • Avoid drinking through a straw.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Eat soft foods.
  • Don’t swish water or mouthwash.
  • Leave gauze in place for 3 or 4 hours.
  • Use a cold compress to help with any swelling.
  • Brush your remaining teeth as normal, being extra careful around the sensitive areas.

Teeth Replacement Options

After tooth extractions, we can help restore your smile with our many tooth replacement options. Visit our service pages to learn more about dentures or dental implants.

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