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Oral surgery is often viewed as an unpleasant part of dentistry. However, our friendly, talented team will work hard to make sure you have a great experience at our office. We offer a variety of surgical services in order to provide you with the care you need. Below are some of the options of oral surgery in Snellville, GA we offer, as well as some information on how we can make you comfortable during the procedure.

Tooth Extractions

If you need to have a tooth removed due to disease or injury, we can help. We offer single tooth extractions as well as full-mouth procedures. We even offer extractions for wisdom teeth. Extracting impacted teeth is not a problem; we rarely refer patients out to a specialist. We can take care of all of your extraction needs. Teeth extractions are normally performed under local anesthesia and with specialized modern tools to help the procedure go as smoothly as possible.

Bone Grafting

Are you considering dental implants but unsure if you have the necessary bone structure to support them? With our bone grafting procedures, we can build up the bone in any area of your jaw in order to create enough support for dental implants. Before ruling out implants as a tooth replacement option, ask if bone grafting might be a solution for you.

Bone Reductions

Contrary to how it sounds, a bone reduction is not a sort of bone removal. A bone reduction is when we repair a fracture or dislocation in your jawbone. This process may be necessary after an injury of some sort in order to restore function and eliminate pain. We can take care of all of this right here in our office.

Ridge Augmentation

Have you lost teeth or have had teeth removed that left your jaw and gums in an abnormal condition? Our ridge augmentation process allows us to combine various procedures in order to normalize your bone and gum structure. This procedure restores your natural ridge and prepares you for a greater chance of success with dental implants.

Soft Tissue Pathologies

Soft tissue pathologies are used to diagnose oral soft tissue diseases and abnormalities. Catching abnormalities quickly, before they become more widespread issues, can sometimes even be lifesaving. We can use this information to effectively treat your condition and solve whatever problem you may be having.

Dental Sedation Options

If you need to undergo an oral surgery procedure and are worried about discomfort, we offer a couple of dental sedation options to help you feel at ease. In addition to longer appointment times and semi-private operatories to help you feel more comfortable, we offer inhaled sedation (also known as laughing gas) and oral conscious sedation medication. To learn more about how we can help to relieve your dental anxiety, visit our page here.

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