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Are you missing teeth, but are not a good candidate for traditional implants? We offer a smaller, easier-to-place implant option that might be the solution for you. Read on to learn more about our mini dental implants in Snellville, GA .

What makes mini dental implants different from traditional implants?

All dental implants are surgically place directly into your gums and allowed to fuse to your jawbone. This creates a strong foundation for your replacement teeth. The difference between mini implants and traditional implants, aside from their size, is in how they are placed. Mini dental implants are smaller, offering a reduced diameter, easier placement, and faster healing times. They also require less jawbone structure to be available for placement than traditional implants require. Mini dental implants are great for people who have experienced some jawbone deterioration and may not be eligible to get traditional implants. Mini dental implants can be used to replace single teeth or to stabilize dentures.

The Advantages of Mini Dental Implant

Mini dental implant provide a lot of great advantages. Mini dental implants are:

  • Reliable – Because they’re inserted into your gums and allowed to fuse to your bone, mini implants become a permanent part of your mouth. Implants are our longest-lasting restoration, generally lasting up to about 25 years.
  • Beautiful – We custom design your replacement crown or dentures for the shape and color you desire. Want your new teeth to blend in with your natural teeth? We can do that!
  • Strong – Mini dental implants restore almost 100 percent of your natural chewing ability. When you select implants as your tooth replacement option, you can rest assured that, when you are complete healed, you will be able to eat whatever you want!
  • Healthy – Because implants are easy to clean (brush and floss just like your natural teeth!) and discourage jawbone deterioration, mini implants are a tooth replacement option that promotes a healthy mouth. Removable dentures can sometimes harbor bacteria if not properly cleaned, and allow for the deterioration of your jawbone structure.

Mini dental implant can help you get the results you desire. Let us help you determine if mini dental implants are right for you!

Single Tooth Replacement Options

We can use mini implants to replace just one missing tooth. If you have lost a tooth or are going to have one extracted, mini implants might be a great tooth replacement option for you. Talk to one of our doctors to determine if a mini dental implant is the way to go.

Full-Mouth Replacement Options

We also use mini dental implants to replace a full mouth or full arch of teeth. We offer implant-secured dentures that can offer you the benefit of a full, beautiful smile with just a few strategically placed mini implants. To learn more about our denture stabilization options, visit our service page.

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