Family Dentistry

Parkway Dental : Family Dentistry in Snellville, GA

At Parkway Dental, we love caring for the whole family. While we are not a strictly pediatric practice (our patient base is comprised primarily of 25- to 60-year-olds), we can provide all the dental care you need for every member of your family with our family dentistry option, kids included. Below you will find information on your child’s first visit to our office, preventive dental care, and how to schedule an appointment.

We aim to make every person who visits our office feel comfortable and at home while in our care. This means taking extra special precautions to accommodate children when necessary. We will work hard to help your child feel comfortable and provide the care they need.

On your child’s first visit to our office, they will undergo the whole routine of checking in, having X-rays and other images taken, getting a cleaning, and being thoroughly examined by both the doctor and hygienist. We try to make this process as simple as possible for both adults and children.

However, if your child is under the age of four, we do something a little different. Instead of the full examinations, X-rays, and cleanings, we do a simple visit just to get started. At this first visit, your child may want to jump in on a sibling’s or parent’s appointment just to see how everything works. The purpose of doing the visit like this is to get them familiar and comfortable in our office and with our staff. We can do a simple assessment of your child’s dental situation to look for development issues and any other potential problems. This should be a very low-stress visit for both you and your child.

If you have any questions about your child visiting our dental office, please call and talk to a member of our team. We would love to help calm any concerns you may have.

Preventive Care for the Whole Family

We also offer a variety of preventive dental care measures that can help patients of all ages. Below are just some of the services we offer as a part of family dentistry:

  • Fluoride treatments and varnishes – Fluoride helps to strengthen the enamel on your teeth to prevent decay. We offer treatments and varnishes that can help you prevent cavities in the future.
  • Cleanings and exams – By getting regular cleanings and exams, you can help to keep your mouth healthy. We can help you catch and treat small problems early on before they become larger dental issues.
  • Athletic mouthguards – Playing a sport can be dangerous. We can craft mouthguards for patients of all ages who are interested in protecting their teeth from injury.
  • Nutritional counseling – What you put into your body is just as important as how well you clean your teeth. We advise that you stay away from sugary snacks and beverages and consume a wholesome, balanced diet.
  • Home care education – This type of education is very important, especially for younger patients. Learning how to properly care for your teeth at home is key to having a healthy mouth for life.

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If you want to make sure your family gets the care they deserve with our family dentistry services, please contact our office about scheduling an appointment for family dentistry in Snellville, GA .

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