Whole Tooth Replacement With A Dental Crown

You lost a tooth. What are you going to do?

You could ignore it. It’s just one tooth, right? How much of a problem can it be?

You could get a dental bridge. That will restore the appearance of your smile.

Or you could get at dental implant with a dental crown. Since humans can’t regrow lost teeth (unlike sharks and alligators), this combination is the closest thing you can get to a complete tooth replacement.

Where should you go for this restorative dentistry? You should visit Parkway Dental if you live in or near Snellville or Lawrenceville, GA.

Don’t Ignore Your Missing Tooth

Your teeth may be individual things, but they don’t work in isolation. Your teeth provide a mutual support system for one another.

You probably don’t notice it, but your teeth move slightly throughout the day. As your teeth move they press into your other teeth. As a result of your teeth pressing into one another, they stay in basically the same positions.

If you leave a space in your mouth, the adjacent teeth lose some of the support they once had. This can allow those teeth to drift slowly into the open space. That can affect more teeth and, over time, can change how you bite and chew food.

But that’s not the only potential problem. Something else may be happening below the gumline.

As your teeth move, their roots push into your jawbone. Those pushes create stimulation that encourages your jawbone to grow new tissue, which keeps it healthy and strong.

If you don’t have a tooth, you don’t have a root. Without the root, that part of your jaw won’t receive the signal to grow new tissue.

In as little as 12 months, you could lose up to 25 percent of the bone mass in that part of your jaw. This could affect neighboring teeth as well, and if you lose them, then the problem with just get worse.

A Dental Bridge Solves Part of the Problem

A dental bridge, like a bridge for transportation, spans a gap. In this case, the dental bridge will close the space in your smile.

To make a dental bridge, we first have to remove parts of the two teeth on either side of your oral vacancy. By doing this, we create a pair of abutments. This will serve as the anchor points for your bridge.

The bridge is created from dental crowns that have been fused together. The crowns on the outside are called abutment crowns, and they are bonded to the abutments made from your other teeth.

In the middle, you have a pontic. This fills in the space above your gums, but it is not embedded into your jawbone, which you know from what you read earlier, could lead to problems down the road.

A Dynamic Duo

To completely rebuild your tooth, you need to replace the root and the natural crown.

Dental implants are titanium cylinders that are embedded in your jawbone. These replace your roots. They anchor your tooth replacement in place.

A dental crown replaces your natural crown. Dental crowns are made with material that mimics the appearance of real teeth so much so that other people may not be able to tell you “fake” tooth from your natural ones.

This offers two advantages over a dental bridge.

First, you don’t have to do anything to any other teeth. It’s not necessary to remove parts of what may be completely healthy teeth just to put your implant and crown in place.

Second, you have a replacement for your root. Your implant does for your tooth replacement exactly what your root did for your tooth.

The implant provides support and stability, so you can feel confident when you bite into something or chew with your dental crown.

The implant also stimulates your jawbone. This encourages the new tissue growth that keeps your jaw healthy and strong.

When this combination is put in place, it will provide the support for your other teeth and reduce the risk of future tooth loss as a result of losing bone mass in your jaw.

In our book, that is a win-win situation.

The Right Combination

A solid foundation makes your tooth replacement stronger and more stable. That’s exactly what a dental implant can do for your dental crown.

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