What Type Of Fillings Do You Want?

Pick 10 of your friends.

Now pick 10 members of your relatives.

Now think of 10 of your coworkers.

According to national health officials, about 28 of those 30 people will have a cavity during their lives. Many of them probably already have.

You may even know which ones if they have metal fillings in their teeth.

If someone put you on that their list of 30, would you be in the 28 who have had or will have a cavity or would you be one of the two who won’t be affected by tooth decay?

The dentists at Parkway Dental would like to help you prevent cavities whenever possible, but if you do get one, we will gladly fix it with our tooth-colored fillings.

Preventing Cavities

You already know the basics — brush and floss your teeth and get a professional dental cleaning and examination a couple times each year.

If you come to our office for your cleaning and examination, our staff will remove any plaque or tartar that you may have missed. If we see signs of tooth decay, we will recommend the appropriate treatment to stop it before it becomes a bigger problem.

The bigger part of this issue is what you do at home. Are you brushing and flossing like you should?

According to the American Dental Association, here is what you should be doing every day.

You should brush your teeth twice every day. This means using a soft-bristled toothbrush and a pea-sized amount of toothpaste with fluoride, and then scrubbing your teeth for two minutes each time.

It’s important to scrub your teeth on all sides, to brush your tongue, and to spit out the toothpaste when you are finished.

You also need to floss between your teeth and below your gumline every day. Your toothbrush cannot reach each space in your mouth, and you need another way to remove plaque and bacteria from those areas.

If dental floss is a problem for you, talk to us about other options.

Symptoms Of Tooth Decay

Treatment for your cavities will be more effective if you get treated early. To do that, you need to recognize the symptoms of tooth decay.

These includes:

  • Brown or black staining on the surface of your teeth
  • Holes in your teeth
  • Increased tooth sensitivity
  • Pain when eating or drinking things that are cold, hot, or sweet
  • Toothaches

You should contact us to make an appointment as soon as you become aware of any of these issues.

Types Of Fillings

You can get different kinds of dental fillings to deal with your cavities and tooth decay.

At Parkway Dental, we use composite fillings for our patients.

Composite fillings are made from a tooth-colored resin. When it is layered onto your tooth, it will blend in so that the filling is mostly hidden.

Most people will never realize that you had a cavity unless you tell them about it when you receive a composite filling.

Now, you can probably find someplace that still does gold fillings and amalgam fillings. Will these fill in the holes created by your tooth decay? Yes. Will they restore the function of your tooth? Yes.

As far as that goes, composite, gold, and amalgam fillings all do what they should.

With gold and amalgam fillings, however, it will be much more apparent which of your teeth had cavities.

Gold fillings are made of gold (surprise), which also makes them the most expensive way to solve a relatively simple dental problem.

Amalgam fillings are made with a blend of metals. About half the mixture is mercury while the rest is often copper, silver, tin, or a blend of them. This, too, will give your smile a metallic gleam, which may not be what you want.

We also know that you may have had a cavity years ago, and you may already have a gold or amalgam filling. We can replace that for you.

If you filling is becoming worn down, cracked, or chipped or it is separating from your teeth, you should have it replaced. When your fillings are in this kind of condition, they are no longer providing the protection they should.

Could You Use A New Or Replacement Filling?

Parkway Dental can help by giving you one of our composite fillings. Call (770) 676-1122  or use our online form to make an appointment at our dentist office if you live in or near Snellville, GA.



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