Think Small When Dental Implants Won’t Fit

Your teeth and your jawbone have a mutually beneficial relationship … as long as you have your teeth.

People lose teeth for a lot of reasons — gum disease, tooth decay, injuries. Thankfully, you have teeth replacement options whether you are missing a single tooth or every tooth in your mouth.

At Parkway Dental, dental implants play an important part in our teeth replacement treatments. If you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth, schedule a consultation at our dentist office in Snellville, GA.

Teeth And Bones

We mentioned earlier that your teeth and your jawbone work together to help one another.

The jawbones play a vital role in your oral health. The maxilla (upper jaw) and mandible (lower jaw) hold your teeth in place.

These bones are like the other bones in your body. They go through a process called resorption. Bones are made of living tissue. As old tissue is reabsorbed, new tissue replaces it to keep the bone strong.

Your jawbones continue to make new tissue in direct response to the stimulation it receives from the roots of your teeth. When you eat, each bite and chew press your roots into the bone. This prompts the jaw to make new tissue.

When you lose teeth, you also lose the roots. As a result, those parts of your jaw don’t get the stimulation they need, so they don’t make new tissue. When this happens, you start to lose bone mass and bone density.

How That Affects Teeth Replacements

Dental implants were created to replace the roots of missing teeth.

These titanium cylinders are placed directly into your jaw so they can support replacements for the crowns of your teeth — dental crowns, dental bridges, and dentures.

Like your roots, the implants provide support and stability. They also provide the stimulation that your jawbones need to stay healthy and strong.

As the new tissue grows, it also bonds to the implants. This is what makes them stable. While implants can’t regrow lost tissue, they can and do help to prevent further bone loss.

There is a flip side to this arrangement, however. In order to place implants, you do need a minimum amount of bone mass. This is necessary to make sure the implants will be properly secured.

The longer you go without replacing the roots of your teeth, the less likely it is that we will be able to place traditional implants.

When Going Smaller Is Better

Let’s say, you decide to get implant-supported dentures after wearing traditional dentures for several years. As a result of losing bone mass, you may have noticed that your dentures don’t fit as well or as comfortably as they once did.

Before we do anything, we will need to check your jaws to make sure you have the necessary bone to hold implants in place.

For patients who don’t have enough bone mass for a traditional implant, we can do one of two things.

The first option is a bone graft. This is done by transplanting bone tissue into the less dense parts of your jawbone. As you heal, the existing bone and the transplanted bone will grow together to create the support necessary for implants.

This means and extra procedure and time to heal before we put your implants in place.

The other option saves you time and is less complicated. Mini implants could be the solution you have been looking for.

Mini implants have a smaller diameter than traditional implants. This means the mini implants can be placed into parts of your jaw that are insufficient for regular implants.

While they are smaller, they can be used for the same purposes as other dental implants.

Mini implants can support a dental crown for someone who is missing a single tooth.

Mini implants can support a dental bridge for patients who are missing multiple teeth.

And mini implants can secure a full set of dentures if needed.

With mini implants, you can regain much of your chewing and biting power, just like with the full-sized implants.

Are You Interested In Dental Implants?

Dental implants have made teeth replacement more effective for patients across the world, including those who come to our dentist office in Snellville, GA.

If you have been told that you can’t get dental implants due to loss of bone mass, then please call Parkway Dental. We can determine if our bone grafting or our mini implants could help you regain something that you have a lost.

To reach us, fill out our online form or call (770) 676-1122.



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