The Truth About Teeth Whitening [BLOG]

It’s hard to believe that August is already here. Even so, there is still plenty of time to get a smile-enhancing cosmetic dentistry procedure before the summer is over. The one we have in mind for you is teeth whitening, since just about everyone could benefit from this service at one time or another. Our Snellville dental office offers professional teeth whitening as a way to give our patients the appearance of a brighter, healthier, and more gorgeous grin. When you call [phone] to request your smile makeover consultation at Parkway Dental, we’ll tell you all about how we use both at-home and in-office treatments to achieve the results you desire. Until we see you in person, here are a few reasons to reinforce your decision to move forward.

1. First Impressions Are A Big Deal

In social settings, your smile is often the first thing that new people will take into consideration when forming subconscious opinions about you. Accordingly, it makes sense to make sure that your smile is as white and bright for the next big interview or summer soiree.

2. Everyone Wants To Look Healthy

Truth be told, stained or dingy teeth do look unhealthy, even though they may just be discolored from your daily habits. A professional teeth whitening treatment can drastically improve your unhealthy look. 

3. Your Self-Confidence Is At Stake

We have found that patients with yellow, stained, or otherwise discolored teeth often feel self-conscious about their appearance. These people tend to not want to go out and socialize and when they do they often refuse to smile during pictures. Whitening your teeth can give you the confidence you’ve been lacking. This could lead to more success at the office and in your private life. Who wouldn’t want that?

4. Whitening Is Easy And Affordable

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry solutions, professional teeth whitening is one of the least expensive treatments out there. There are some fairly intense smile makeover treatments that we can pull off for you, but whitening is not one of them. For a small investment of time and money, we can drastically improve a smile, and hopefully we’ll be improving your quality of life in the process.

5. Our Team Will Lead The Way

In this day and age, you can find a mass-produced kit at the drugstore that promises to brighten your look. However, buyer beware, because such packages will never be potent enough to do much good without professional-grade materials and custom-fitting components. Worse than that, these kits could actually do a lot of harm to your soft tissues if you misuse the treatment. When that happens there won’t be anyone to turn to for support because you are the one in charge of the process. 

By contrast, a professional whitening treatment from our office will safely result in a beautiful smile with uniform results, and you will get plenty of direction and some level of accountability in the process. Depending on your current smile situation, we can utilize either KoR or Zoom products to get the job done in a timely fashion.

Call Today For A Brighter Smile

As you can see, there are plenty of good reasons to consider a professional teeth whitening treatment in Snellville, GA. All you have to do is call Parkway Dental in Snellville, GA at 770-676-1122 or fill out our online form to schedule your easy consultation appointment.



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