The Shocking Truth About Dental Crowns [BLOG]

At Parkway Dental, we offer a wide variety of services aimed at protecting and enhancing your smile at every stage of life. Today we wanted to share some basic information about our dental crowns, which are one of the most employed treatments in the area of restorative dentistry. Keep reading, and then be sure to give us a call at [phone] to request your consultation appointment with our Snellville, GA dental team.

Dental Crowns Can Repair A Damaged Smile

Let’s start at the beginning. Around here, a crown is a ceramic dental restoration that protects a tooth. We normally place crowns for patients who have experienced severe tooth decay, or who have fillings that are too big to restore again, and to strengthen a tooth following root canal therapy, or for teeth that are heavily cracked or damaged. In such cases, the crown is placed over the tooth to keep the tooth functional for you, and to keep your smile looking whole.

Crowns Maintain Their Whiteness

Your crowns will be made to look and function just like your natural teeth. But there is one perk that crowns have over real teeth! Natural teeth can become yellowed, stained, or discolored through daily coffee or soft drink consumption, use of medications, or simply through growing older. Our crowns, however, do not stain. But keep this in mind if you are ever interested in a whitening solution but want to maintain uniformity!

We Make Them Without Metal

There are still dental offices in the area that are using metal in their dental crowns, even though this is no longer a necessary component. Truth be told, metal-based crowns are strong, but patients who get these type of crowns often develop a gray line near their gum-line. This can be embarrassing and draw unwanted attention, which is why at Parkway Dental we offer durable and lifelike ceramic crowns.

Crowns Last A Long Time

As dentistry becomes more and more advanced, we’re able to make stronger and stronger crowns that can last for years, sometimes they last for decades. But, ultimately, the crown will not be able to last forever. A crown can fail for reasons like poor dental health, injury or trauma, or it can crack or break. Regardless, as long as there is enough healthy tooth beneath the crown, we can replace the bad crown with another crown, and you’ll be good to go.

Crowns Can Restore Implants

Modern dental implants are amazing. They can be used to replace one missing tooth, or even to stabilize a whole set of dentures in some cases. Implants rank among the most effective replacements for patients because they function like natural roots, and are almost as strong. This means that you’ll be able to get your bite-power back to something close to normal. They can also be restored with dental crowns so that they look just like your natural teeth, too.

Call Now For Your Dental Crown Solution!

We hope you have been inspired by the ways in which dental crowns can be used to boost the appearance and functionality of a smile. We look forward to working with you in the near future to find the right solution for your current restorative dentistry needs! That said, only you have the power to take the next step. So, call Parkway Dental in Snellville, GA at 770-676-1122 or fill out our online form to schedule an easy appointment. You’ll be glad that you did!



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