The Right Dental Crown For Any Situation

Once upon a time, it was obvious when someone had suffered a chipped or broken tooth. Metal restorations made of gold and amalgam were the standard for repairing teeth.

From a purely functional standpoint, this was great. Your tooth was repaired to something close to its original shape, and the metal crown was strong enough to allow you to bite and chew your food.

The effect on your smile … well, that depended on how much you liked the look of metal on your teeth.

Today, however, we have what we consider better options for dental crowns Parkway Dental. With e.max or zirconia crowns, you can restore the function of your teeth while still maintaining a natural-looking smile.

After our dentists place your crowns, other people often won’t be able to tell the difference between your real teeth and your crowns.

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Reasons To Get A Dental Crown

Dental crowns are an effective and efficient way to repair a number of problems. In our practice, we place a high value on saving teeth and preserving smiles. Our dental crowns are one of the many restorative services that allow us to do this.

For instance, if you have a broken, chipped, or worn down tooth, we can use a dental crown to rebuild your tooth. The final crown can be made to match the color of your natural teeth.

Tooth decay is another common reason we repair teeth with dental crowns. Ideally, you would come to see us early, and we could repair your cavity with a dental filling. Sometimes, however, cavities can grow unnoticed for a time.

If the tooth decay is too large for a filling to fix, then we would recommend a dental crown instead.

Even if you had a dental filling, at some point it will need to be replaced. With each replacement, a little more of your tooth is removed, and it may be advisable to get a dental crown for a longer-term solution.

For the problems described above, The process of getting a dental crown is similar. The dentist has to remove the outer layer of your tooth. What remains are the healthy and undamaged portions of your tooth. This serves a base to support your dental when it is bonded to your tooth.

Dental crowns also play a valuable role in root canal treatments. After the infection is removed from your tooth, it’s necessary to seal the tooth in some way. Dental crowns often are the most effective option.

Dental crowns also are part of replacing teeth that need to be removed or teeth that have fallen out.

Once upon a time, you would have received a dental bridge (which is still an option). Instead, you can get a more secure option with a dental implant.

The implant is embedded in your jaw as a replacement for the root of your missing tooth. This also provides support, stability, and strength for your dental crown.

Kinds Of Dental Crowns

As we mentioned above, the materials used to make dental crowns have improved over the years. Today’s crowns are both functionally and visually similar to natural teeth.

We have two kinds of crowns that we can make for you at our office.

E.max crowns are made of lithium disilicate. This material is strong, effective, and aesthetically quite similar to natural teeth.

This makes e.max an excellent option for replacing the teeth closer to the front of your mouth. These are the teeth that are most likely to be seen when you speak or smile.

E.max will give you a natural smile while still giving you the ability to bite into the foods that you want to eat.

Zirconia crowns may be a better option for teeth in the back of your mouth. While zirconia still looks quite similar to natural teeth, it often is more durable. This is why it is a good option for the teeth that are used to grind and chew your food.

Get What You Want And What You Need

If you think a dental crown could help you, we encourage you to call (770) 676-1122 or request an appointment online at our Snellville, GA, dentist office.

Our team at Parkway Dental can examine your teeth and discuss the restorative options available to you. Together, we can give you back the smile that you want to see.



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