Technology Is Transforming Dental Care For The Better

Most people would agree that, in general, technology is improving our everyday lives. Computers can help us find answers to our questions in minutes if not seconds.

Cars and planes allow us to travel distances in times that would have been considered impossible 50 or 100 years ago.

And technology has done remarkable things for dentistry as well. Our patients in and around Snellville, GA, get to enjoy those benefits when they visit Parkway Dental. The new technology we have incorporated into our practice makes dental care more efficient (which means less time at the dentist office for you), more effective, and practically pain-free.

Today, we want to discuss some of the technology we use regularly at our practice and why it’s good for your dental care.

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Digital X-rays

X-rays are X-rays, right? Not really.

Digital X-rays let us see what we could see with film X-rays, but they also have some clear benefits.

First and foremost, X-rays involve radiation, and digital X-rays machines use as much as 70 percent less radiation than film machines. That’s a good thing for everyone involved.

Second, digital X-rays can be sent to a computer in a matter of a few seconds. That means our dentists can look at the images faster and start looking for any potential problems.

And if they see something that looks unusual, they can zoom in on the digital file from their computers to try to figure out what it could be. That makes digital X-rays a great diagnostic tool, which can lead to better treatment for you.

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras effectively act like a magnifying lens that allows our dental professionals to look at your mouth closer than ever. This could help locate a problem earlier than we would have ever known about it by looking with our eyes alone.

And early detection often means simpler, less invasive, and more effective treatment for your problem.


Dental Lasers

Every time we turn around, it seems like a new science fiction or superhero movie is coming out. Lasers may make for exciting filmmaking, but they make dentistry gentler.

We have lasers that allow us to treat gum disease without having to cut your soft tissue with a scalpel. We also have lasers that can do the same job as “the drill” without the pain or the uncomfortable vibrations.

We hope you never have periodontal problems or serious tooth decay, but if you do, you will be happy to know what our dental lasers can do.


Invisalign® has been around longer than many people realize, but it’s not something you can get at every dentist office.

Invisalign is a different approach to orthodontic care. Yet, it can work on everything from crooked and crowded teeth to teeth with gaps between them to overbites and underbites.

Since Invisalign uses computer-designed transparent plastic aligners, you could be fixing your smile without anyone knowing that you are doing it. Invisalign does not use brackets or wires, making it an incredibly discreet way to create the smile you’ve want to have.

Invisalign has proven that it can help adults and teenagers alike. For patients who can use it (and that includes many people), these aligners offer a more convenient and comfortable way to fix your smile when compared to traditional braces.

Let Us Help You With Our Dental Technology

As general dentists, we want to do as much as we can for our patients. That means addressing problems, but it also means finding ways to make dental care more comfortable, more efficient, and less stressful.

Call Parkway Dental at (770) 676-1122 or contact us online if you have any questions about our technology or if you would like to make an appointment.



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