Take Action Today To Brighten Your Teeth

You survived the holidays and the New Year. You may have already forgotten about some of your resolutions, but you can always make some changes for the better.

Yet, many people will put off doing things they have wanted to do for years. Maybe, you have sacrificed your own wants to help someone you care about. If that’s the case, then now is the time to do a little something for yourself, something like restoring your bright, white smile.

At Parkway Dental, this is one of the most common requests we get from patients in and around Snellville, GA.

Today we’ll explain two great ways you can bright back your “pearly whites.” To experience either option for yourself, make an appointment by calling 770-676-1122.

Clean Up Your Smile

Teeth whitening is arguably the most popular cosmetic dental service in the United States. It makes sense, too. With all the coffee, tea, soft drinks, wine, sauces, and sweets that we eat, it’s almost inevitable that they would affect the color of our smiles.

Look, we get it. You don’t want to have yellow, stained teeth. No one does. It’s why there are so many “whitening” products available today. Some do work to an extent, but nothing you’ll find over-the-counter is going to remove the deepest stains.

Yet, you can have remarkably white teeth once again. Professional whitening options like you’ll find in our office can do much more than the stuff you can buy off the shelf.

Choose Your Own Way To Whiter Teeth

If you want to improve the color of your teeth, our team at Parkway Dental is ready to help. You just need to determine which of our treatments is the best one for you.

Professional teeth whitening treatments contain high concentrations of bleaching agents. This allows them to go below the surface of your teeth to remove stains that have taken many years to develop.

We offer both in-office treatments (for changes in as little as one visit) and take-home treatments (for working at your own convenience). Both can products tremendous results, as countless patients can attest. We also offer both Zoom and KöR whitening, which are among the most trusted names in professional whitening.

As well as these products works, there is another way to change the color of your smile. Dental veneers don’t offer a same-day solution, but they can provide a long-lasting change to your teeth.

Veneers essentially are covers for your teeth. They are custom-made to fit on the front of your teeth. This way you can create a smile that looks as white (and as straight) as you would like it to be. Veneers have the added benefit be being more stain resistant than natural teeth, which means you can keep your bright smile longer.

Let Your Smile Shine

If you have any desire for a brighter smile, then don’t delay in visiting Parkway Dental. Call us at  770-676-1122 or contact us online. Request your appointment for professional whitening or dental veneers.



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