Remove Old Fillings to Preserve Your Smile [VIDEO]

If you have cavities, and most of us do, you’ll need to restore the tooth so it stays functional for years to come. That usually means having a filling on the tooth. You can remove old fillings at our Snellville GA dental office and restore teeth with modern, tooth-colored fillings.  

For those of us 30 or older, you might have metal fillings in your mouth. These fillings stick out like a sore thumb and make it difficult to smile with confidence. The great thing about tooth-colored fillings is that they match your smile and use no metal. The other big advantage is that these composite tooth-colored fillings require less removal of tooth structure.

Check out more information about this fillings in the video below and learn more about our general dentistry services. Or call us today at 770) 676-1122 to book a visit.



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