Reclaim Your Smile With A Dental Crown, Bridge

Everyone would like to have a nice smile. That’s hard to pull off when you have teeth that are broken, decayed, or missing.

Those problems can cause you to feel less confident about your smile. As a result, you may become less likely to share your smile with others.

But it doesn’t have to stay that way. You can get your smile back to where it was. You may even make it better with a dental crown or dental bridge, which you can get at our dentist office.

If you live in or near Snellville, GA, our dentists — Drs. Ashish Vakharia and Amit Patel — can help you reclaim your smile. If you call (770) 676-1122 or contact us online, we can schedule an appointment to help you feel good about your smile again.


The Basics Of Dental Crowns

You may have heard of dental crowns, but you may not be sure what they are or what they are used for. That’s OK. Our dentists do, and they can help.

A dental crown is a replacement for the natural crown of your tooth. When you smile, you are showing us the crowns of your teeth. (The roots of your teeth are hidden behind your gums and embedded in your jawbone.)

Your crowns also have important functions to perform.

You can see that the crowns of your teeth are quite different. Some are thinner, which allows them to act as a cutting surface when you bite into food. You canines have a somewhat sharper point. This is so they can grip and tear your food.

You also have flatter teeth in the back of your mouth. These are used to chew or grind your food into smaller pieces that are easier to digest.

If any of these teeth are damaged, it can affect your ability to eat the foods that you want to eat. It may go without saying, but having a broken, cracked, dark, or decayed tooth can hurt your smile, too.


Preparing For A Dental Crown

At Parkway Dental, we offer all-ceramic crowns for our patients. The materials we use (e.max and zirconia) are known for their durability and their appearance.

When you get a dental crown from our office, you can feel confident that it will last for years and look natural in your mouth.

To prepare your tooth, we need to create a place to support your dental crown. This involves getting rid of the tooth decay, eliminating the crack, or rounding off the broken edge of your tooth.

You may need to wear a temporary crown for a short time to protect your tooth after it has been reshaped. When your permanent crown is complete, we will bond it to your tooth, and your smile will look as good (or better) than it did before.


Building (Dental) Bridges

When you are missing a tooth, then a dental bridge may be a good option for you. A dental bridge is created by bonding dental crowns together.

We can design two kinds of dental bridges — traditional bridges and implant-supported bridges.

Traditional bridges are attached to the teeth on both sides of your missing tooth. Those teeth are reshaped much like we do for a dental crown.

Then, when the dental bridge is complete, we will attach it to your teeth. The crown or crowns in the middle of your bridge will fill the gap where your missing tooth was. When everything is in place, your smile will look complete again, and you will be able to eat what you please.

An implant-supported dental bridge looks similar to a traditional bridge. The difference is how it’s held in place.

If you were missing three teeth, you would need a bridge with five crowns. That’s a lot of pressure to put on two teeth. We can avoid that issue with dental implants.

Implants are titanium cylinders that replace the roots of your teeth. For an implant-supported bridge, we could place a couple implants in your jaw. Later, your dental bridge would be attached to the implants. This also means we don’t have to do anything to your remaining healthy teeth.


Could A Dental Crown Or Bridge Help You?

To find out, start by scheduling a consultation with one of our dentists in Snellville, GA. To contact Parkway Dental, fill out our online form or call (770) 676-1122.



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