Parkway Dental Means “Pain-free Work Here Every time”

We can’t predict what our smiles might need over the course of our life. But most of use will suffer from dental decay at some point. When that happens we all want a dentist who can give us pain-free solutions. Our Snellville GA dental office has always been at the forefront of providing comfortable solutions to your dental problems.

At Parkway Dental, we are only using the latest techniques and treatments, and we don’t expect our patients to grit-and-bear it through dental pain. To ease their concerns, we’re using sedation dentistry that can keep you more comfortable during your treatment.

Hear if from one of our long-term patients, Ron. We’ve seen him and his family for years, and he has always had “pain-free work here every time.” More of his story is below. If his story reminds you of yourself, give us a call today at (770) 954-8360 to schedule your visit.




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