No Dental Insurance? No Worries In Snellville GA!

Our Snellville GA, dentist’s office is ready to get your oral health back on track this autumn because nothing is worth putting your smile in danger. We realize that not feeling like you can afford the care you need is perhaps the one thing that keeps people away the most, so today we’d like to talk about how we can help you even if you do not currently carry dental insurance. Read on, and then be sure to call us at [phone] to request your next preventive dentistry appointment. One way or another, we’ll get you amiling big again.

We Understand The Challenges

It turns out that approximately 40 percent of Americans do not have dental insurance at the moment. And let’s be honest, even those who do have a policy are often at the mercy of their carrier’s fine print. The typical dental insurance providers in this U.S. give cardholders an annual allotment between $1,000 to $1,500. That amount works out OK for the person with great teeth or minor problems, but you can blow through your annual allotment in a hurry if you have any dental problems that require restorative dentistry treatments.

You see, the majority of dental insurance providers only cover about half the cost of a restoration like a crown, and not every treatment is always going to be covered at all. Besides, insurance companies often have certain stipulations for how often you can restore a tooth (insurance will generally cover crown replacement after 5 years). 

We Have A Deal For You

Parkway Dental accepts several major insurance providers, and we’ll work with you to maximize your allowance if you have a ploicy. That said, we also encourage patients to do what is best for their smile instead of merely going along with what insurance mandates that they do.

To that end, we have come up with an in-office savings plan and special financing option. It’s in-place for our patients just in case there is ever a major dental problem or a need arises for extensive reconstruction. No matter what happens in life, we want you to be assured that you can fix any dental problems at the most appropriate time instead of waiting on your insurance to kick in.

We Make It Easy To Get Timely Treatment

We have found that it’s easier to pay out-of-pocket for your cleanings and exams rather than put them off and require extensive dental work due to years of avoiding the dentist. The difference between the cost of a simple tooth-colored filling and the cost of a root canal with a dental crown is great. That’s just one example of what we are talking about. Pay a little now or pay a lot later, seems like an easy decision to make.

We Want You To Call Today To Get Started

We hope you like what you just heard. Whether you need preventive solutions, a cosmetic makeover, or even extensive restorative dental treatment, our office is the place for you, even if you do not have dental insurance. We have FREE consultations, too, so we’d be happy to give you a second opinion. Call Parkway Dental in Snellville, GA today at 770-676-1122 or fill out our online form to schedule your next appointment.



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