Mini Implants Can Rescue Your Smile And More!

You’ve heard the phrase bigger isn’t always better. We have a perfect example of this — mini dental implants

Without question, dental implants have revolutionized restorative dentistry, and mini implants have created more opportunities to help people who have lost teeth.

We have used mini implants to help several patients at our dentist office in Snellville, GA. Keep reading to learn more about how we might be able to help you or someone you love, too.

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Tooth Loss & Jaw Health

Many people don’t think about the full consequences of tooth loss, at least not at first. A single missing tooth may not seem like a big deal initially.

You may have to change how you eat, and you may feel a little self-conscious about your smile. But that’s normal, right?

Maybe, but it’s also normal for tooth loss to lead to bone loss, which can lead to more tooth loss.

Your teeth work well because of the mutual benefits between them and your jawbone. Your roots are anchored in your jaw. You jaw holds your teeth securely in place, and this helps you put power into your bite.

But your teeth help to keep your jaw strong. Bones go through a process called resorption, in which old tissue is reabsorbed by the bone. As long as new tissue is created, your bone will stay strong and healthy.

For your jawbone, the pressure created by the roots of your teeth (when you bite and chew) is what triggers new bone tissue to be created. Losing a single tooth can cause you to lose up to 25 percent of the bone in that part of your mouth in as little as 12 months.

As more teeth are lost, you jawbone can continue to shrink, which affects the health of your jaw and your facial appearance.


The Benefits Of Mini Implants

Now let’s consider what mini implants can do for you. Some of these benefits are the same as what you would get from full-size dental implants, but others are unique to mini implants.

▶︎ They can prevent bone loss.

Dental implants, including mini implants, can prevent the bone loss in your jaw that occurs when you lose teeth. Dentures alone will not stop this bone loss.

Conventional dentures rest over your gums and are not connected to your jaw. As a result, dentures don’t provide enough pressure to keep create new bone tissue.

By placing mini implants in your jaw, then attaching your denture to your mini implants, however, you can recreate the pressure needed to keep your jaw strong.

▶︎ They can reduce the time needed to heal.

As you would expect, mini implants are smaller than regular dental implants. One of the benefits of this is you can heal faster from mini implant placement than from traditional implant placement.

That also means you can attach your dental crown, dental bridge, or dentures sooner after a mini implant placement than you would with a traditional implant placement.

▶︎ They can be used by more people.

Because of the way the jaw shrinks, many traditional denture wearers find that their dentures don’t fit as well over time. Eventually, many denture-wearers will seek dental implants rather than just refitting or replacing their old dentures.

If your jaw has shrunk too much, you won’t have enough bone to support full-size dental implants. However, you still may be able to get mini implants. This won’t replace bone that has been lost, but it can prevent continued bone loss.

▶︎ They are strong.

While mini implant may smaller, they still pack a punch. With mini implants, you can regain most of your original biting force. This means you will be able to eat nearly all the foods that you could eat before you lost your teeth.


Restoring Your Smile

Whether you are missing a tooth or a row of teeth, mini implants may be just what you need to restore your smile, your ability to eat, and your self-confidence.

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