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A great smile makes you feel good, and it also affects how other people perceive you. That’s according to a recently by Kelton Global.

The survey of women age 18 to 54 showed that 21 percent want to improve their smiles and 34 percent said teeth affect their first impression of the people they meet.

Invisalign clear braces are a great way to fix those smiles. If you are looking for straighter teeth, talk to the dentists at Parkway Dental in Snellville. Invisalign may just be what you need to straighten your teeth and boost your confidence.

Can anyone wear Invisalign?

Millions of Americans have crooked teeth, but don’t want to wear traditional metal braces. For many of them — teenagers and adults alike — Invisalign is an excellent option.

If you are a professional, showing up at your next sales visit, staff meeting, or consultation with braces may distract from why you are there. If people aren’t listening to what you are saying because of your orthodontics, then it could affect your work.

If you are a teenager, you may just be concerned about the pain you could experience with braces. Brackets and wires can scratch or poke the inside of your mouth, and that can be uncomfortable or awkward when you are trying to have a conservation.

If you have an overbite or underbite, braces will work, but you will have to find new ways to clean your teeth until they are removed.

Invisalign clear braces can help fix your issues without the complications that come with traditional metal braces.

Invisalign in action

You know your teeth aren’t going to straighten out on their own. You must apply pressing by pushing or pulling your teeth where they should be. With Invisalign, the clear aligners push your teeth into a new position.

Invisalign’s inventors developed a computer program to create the aligners to move multiple teeth simultaneously.

We start by making an impression of your teeth. That impression allows us to make a series of aligners that you will change every couple weeks. The aligners will gently and gradually push your teeth into their final, straight position.

After about 12 months, you’ll be done with the aligners, and your smile will be transformed.

You also may like to know that orthodontists and periodontists like Invisalign, too. The aligners gradual movement puts less stress on your gum tissue throughout the process.

Benefits over braces

There’s no denying that traditional braces work. They and Invisalign clear braces are both effective ways to straighten teeth, but Invisalign does have some advantages.

  • Comfortable — With braces, you will have metal brackets affixed to your teeth with wires between them. As we alluded to earlier, these may scratch or poke at your mouth if the wires come loose.

Invisalign uses plastic aligners with rounded edges, which means no scratching or poking.

  • Convenient — Traditional braces require multiple dental visits to tighten and adjust. With Invisalign, you replace your aligner every couple weeks.
  • Removable — Invisalign is also convenient because the aligners are removable. With traditional braces, you will have to watch what you eat, and you may need special tools to maintain your oral hygiene.

You can take out the Invisalign clear braces when you eat and when you brush and floss your teeth. This means you can keep eating all the foods you enjoy, and you can brush as floss just as you do now.

  •  Invisible — If someone is wearing braces, you know. There’s no hiding the fact that you have metal attached to your teeth if you are wearing them.

In contrast, many people will never know you are wearing Invisalign aligners because they are clear.

  • Efficient — Traditional braces can take two to three years to work. When that time is over, you will definitely see the difference.

Invisalign can work in 12 months, and just like traditional braces, you’ll see the difference when you are finished with your aligners.

Invisalign clear braces won’t work for every person, but for many people with mild orthodontic needs, Invisalign is a perfect solution.

Straighten your smile sooner

Most women who responded to the Kelton survey said a glowing smile is an important part of appearance. One in five women said their teeth are the feature they most want to look its best at all times.

A straighter smile can improve the way you feel and how others perceive you. Parkway Dental in Snellville and Invisalign clear braces can give you that straight smile you’ve always wanted.

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