This Fall, Enjoy Yellow Leaves And White Teeth

Fall is one of the best times of the year in Georgia. It’s football season, and we get some relief from the heat of the summer.

We are also treated to the magnificent sight of leaves turning different shades of red, orange, and yellow. The changing colors can make for some pretty pictures.

That also makes this a good time to share a selfie or two with your family and friends on social media … unless your teeth match the color of the leaves!

If you live in or near Snellville, GA, our dentist office can help with our professional teeth whitening options. You could try the whitening products from the store, but they aren’t going to be as effective at removing the deep stains from your smile.

If you want pearly white teeth again, call Parkway Dental at (770) 676-1122 or contact us online. Schedule a consultation so we can help you find the right way to whiten your smile.


Our Teeth Whitening Options

Everyone would love to have a white smile. That’s the reason so many “whitening” products can be found in toothpaste aisles across the country.

If you’ve ever tried those commercial products, then you know some work better than others. At the same time, you may have also learned the hard way that they don’t quite work as well as you might like.

We know because that’s the reason so many patients end of asking us about our professional teeth whitening options. We offer both in-office treatments for patients looking for the fastest possible results and take-home options for people who prefer to do their whitening on their own schedule.

Let’s take a moment to discuss your teeth whitening options if you come to our office.



The KöR whitening system uses a combination of in-office and take-home treatments to give you the absolute best results possible.

As part of this treatment, we will take impressions to create custom-molded whitening trays for your teeth. During the first phase of your treatment, you will receive gel to use at home with these trays.

After you brush your teeth in the evening, you will fill the trays will gel and wear them each night while you sleep. In the morning, you will remove the trays, rinse them out, and carry on with your morning routine.

A few weeks later, you will return to our office for the second phase of your KöR treatment. In less than an hour, we can complete a more intense whitening treatment that takes the results you started at home to another level.

When everything is finished, you will have a dramatically brighter smile.

Part of the reason KöR is so effective is how it is stored. The manufacturer keeps its product refrigerated from the moment it is made until delivered. This helps preserve its potency.

KöR also developed a unique three-barrel package to prevent the active ingredients from interacting until they are placed on your teeth. This also allows the product to be more effective for you.



With Zoom, you have the option of in-office or take-home whitening.

If you are looking for noticeable results as quickly as possible, then we would recommend our in-office treatment. In about an hour, you will undergo three 15-minute sessions along with exposure to a low-heat light.

The take-home treatment is better for patients who prefer a DIY approach or who want to complete their treatment according to their own schedule. The take-home treatment will take a little more time to produce the same results. In the end, you will still see a noticeable difference in the color of your smile.

As with KöR, Zoom’s take-home and in-office treatments can be combined to produce more dramatic changes.



Patients who are looking for something simpler should ask about Sheer White take-home strips.

These are as easy to use as the commercial strips you can find in stores.

The difference is that Sheer White contains higher concentrations of the bleaching agent. You can see better results in the same or even less time than those commercial products.


Whiten Your Smile For Fantastic Fall Photos

If you are embarrassed to show your stained teeth in pictures, now is the time to take care of that problem. Professional teeth whitening at our Snellville, GA, dentist office can give you a smile you will be happy to let shine.

To schedule a consultation at Parkway Dental, start by filling out our online form or by calling (770) 676-1122.



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