Enjoy Many Benefits With Mini Dental Implants

Sometimes smaller really is better.

On a golf course, you certainly want the lowest or “smallest” score. If you were trying to launch something into space, making it smaller would mean you needed less fuel to get it off the ground and into orbit.

And in restorative dentistry, mini implants may make teeth replacements easier for you.

In a way, you could consider mini implants the next big development in restorative dental care. If you’ve been told that you can’t get dental implants or that you will need a bone graft before you do, make an appointment with our dentists in Snellville, GA, first.

We may be able to give you the same benefits of full-sized implants without requiring extra steps. To find out more about our mini implants, call (770) 676-1122 or contact us online.


Mini Implants Are Real Implants

Mini implants may be smaller than standard dental implants, but they can provide you with the same benefits.

Mini implants can be used individually to support dental crowns for patients who are missing a single tooth. Multiple mini implants can be used together to support a dental bridge for patients missing a few teeth.

And mini implants can secure and stabilize dentures for patients missing a complete arch of teeth.

Dentures are more likely to slip out of position the longer you have them. This is why many patients eventually decide to add mini implants when they become tired of fighting with their loose-fitting dentures.

Like their larger counterparts, mini implants will hold your replacement teeth in position while you speak or eat. They will give you a renewed sense of confidence, and they can give you the ability to eat the foods that you love once again.


Mini Implants Can Save You From Another Procedure

Dentists would agree that dental implants have been a game-changer in restorative dentistry. For patients who have them, they can make dentures nearly as effective as a new set of natural teeth.

The problem is when someone has lost too much bone tissue. This is a natural result of losing teeth, and the longer you live without teeth, the more your jawbone will shrink.

The reason is because you don’t have roots. The roots of your teeth help to anchor your teeth to your jaw, but they also provide stimulation to your jawbone. This encouraged new bone tissue to grow, which helps your jaw maintain its shape.

Dental implants were developed to replace the roots of your missing teeth. As such, the implants provide the stimulation your jaw needs to create new tissue. If you’ve already lost too much bone tissue, however, you won’t be able to support dental implants.

The old way of fixing this problem was a bone graft. This is essentially a bone tissue transfer. The tissue is added to your jaw. As you help, the existing tissue and the transfer tissue grow together. This makes your jaw bigger and strong enough to support dental implants.

But that procedure costs money, and your recovery can delay getting your implants for months.

Since mini implants are smaller, they can fit in places that full-size implants can’t. This may mean you don’t need a bone graft to get your mini implants. And that means you can start enjoying the benefits of having implant-supported teeth replacements sooner.

Even if you can support full-size dental implants, you may want to consider mini implants for other reasons.

Because of their smaller diameter, placing mini implants is a simple procedure. Since this is less invasive, this can reduce recovery time for many patients.


Reviewing Your Options

If you lose teeth, you can try to live without them, although we would recommend replacing any lost teeth as soon as you are able. By going longer without replacements, you will lose more bone tissue.

You can try to get dental implants, but if you have lost too much bone, you may not be able to support them. You may need a bone graft to rebuild your jaw, then need time to recover from that procedure, before getting your dental implants.

Or you can get mini implants from the beginning. Mini implants are more likely to fit and much less likely to require an additional procedure before you can get them.


Let Us See What We Can Do

By making an appointment at Parkway Dental, one of our dentists can examine your mouth to determine if mini implants are a good option for you.

Call (770) 676-1122 or contact us online if you are ready to restore your smile and your ability to eat comfortably again.



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