Embarrassed by Your Gummy Smile? We Can Help!

Even though your gums are a natural part of your mouth, people who have an excessive amount of gum tissue showing when they smile tend to be unhappy or embarrassed by their smile. This is commonly known as a “gummy smile.”

In most cases, having a gummy smile isn’t an urgent problem, rather more of a cosmetic one. But if your gum tissue embarrasses you enough to make you hide your smile, we want to help. 

At Parkway Dental, we regularly treat patients who are embarrassed by their teeth and are desperate for a solution. Fortunately, we have several treatment options available that can help you finally smile with confidence. Keep reading and then give us a call at [phone] to take the next step and request an appointment at our Snellville, GA dentist’s office.

What Causes A Gummy Smile?

There are many reasons why some people show more gum tissue than others when they smile. Typically, we can determine the cause with a routine oral examination. In most cases, a gummy smile is caused by one of the following:

  • Overgrown gums
    • The most common cause of a gummy smile is gum tissue that has overgrown, causing it to hide too much of your teeth. Gum overgrowth can make your teeth look too short or too small because they hide too much of your enamel. 
    • Excess gum tissue can be genetic or it can be a symptom of certain medications or an infection or inflammation of your gums.
  • Hyperactive upper lip
    • Some people with a gummy smile have a hyperactive upper lip, which means the muscles that control the movement of their upper lip, pull the lip up too far, causing more of the gums to be exposed. 
    • Typically, this is a genetic trait.
  • Improper bite
    • In some cases, the way your jawbone and teeth have developed can result in a gummy smile. If your upper jaw sticks out further than it should, it can give you “buck teeth” and show too much gum tissue. 

Gummy Smile Solutions

The good news for people who are embarrassed by the amount of gum tissue that shows when they smile, is that there are several options for treatment. The most common gummy smile solutions include:

  • SRP therapy
    • If the excess gum tissue in your mouth is the result of an infection or inflammation, we will likely first treat the infection with antibiotics. Them, we can use a scaling and root planing (SRP) treatment. Once the tissue is treated, we may continue with laser gum sculpting.
  • Laser gum sculpting
    • Laser gum sculpting is a common treatment for gummy smile. We this treatment, also known as periodontal plastic surgery or crown lengthening, we can use state-of-the-art technology to carefully and gently remove small amounts of your gum tissue until the desired gumline is achieved. 
    • Our laser technology allows us to ensure there is minimal bleeding during the procedure and recovery is much easier and faster.
  • Orthodontics
    • If your gummy smile is caused by a bad bite, orthodontics is a great solution.

To learn more about what we can do to fix your gummy smile, and what your smile says about you, call Parkway Dental today at [phone] to schedule a consultation.



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