Don’t Trust Your Smile To Just Anyone For A Tooth Extraction

Last month a family down in Sylvester made headlines with their creative approach to removing baby teeth. Matthew Barksdale tied his seven-year-old daughter’s loose tooth to an arrow, which he then launched into the woods with his bow – with her gleeful permission, of course!


As adults, tooth extraction is hardly such a delight. But if you choose an expert Snellville, GA dentist for your procedure, it can be a positive experience. At Parkway dental, our combination of experience, expertise, and a state-of-the-art facility is a recipe for successful, low-stress oral surgery.


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Having A Tooth Taken Out Is Sometimes The Best Choice

Our preference is almost always to save your tooth. That’s usually what is best for your oral health. But there are some situations in which removing it is the right solution. Those include:


  • When a tooth is so damaged that restorative dental procedures can’t help it, an extraction can put an end to persistent pain and discomfort.
  • When your teeth do not fit in your mouth correctly, causing crowding and overlapping, sometimes the best solution is to remove a tooth to make room.
  • When a tooth is impacted, that means it failed to grow out of your gums. This happens often with wisdom teeth, and removal is the best response.
  • When gum disease is very advanced, it can loosen or damage a tooth. If this happens, we may remove the tooth to stop the infection and to get you out of pain.


Experience Pain-Free Removal With Advanced Technology

Pain management is our goal in removing your tooth. The most common way we accomplish this is through topical and local anesthesia. Your mouth will be numb while we work, and we won’t proceed until we are certain you don’t feel a thing!


More importantly, we rely on cutting-edge technology for the extraction process because it is the safest, most effective way to keep you comfortable.


  • Luxator® products are a revolutionary way to minimize trauma to your mouth during tooth removal. They allow us to use more precision and less force than other instruments. We can separate your tooth root from the bone with very little trouble, which saves you pain and makes tooth replacement easier.


  • The Physics Forceps are a tool that use the principles of physics to produce reliable results. There’s no squeezing of your tooth, which means there is very little risk of it breaking.


Our expertise with these tools will provide you with the competent, low-stress dental care you deserve. Losing an adult tooth can be traumatic, and we’ve got the techniques necessary to minimize that trauma.

Restore Your Tooth With A Natural-Looking And Feeling Replacement

Perhaps you don’t want to have your tooth taken out because you are concerned about the aesthetic impact. We understand! Not many people would be satisfied to have a hole in their smile. That’s why we offer several options to replace your tooth once it has been removed.


Dental crowns and bridges are a tried-and-true method for restoring problem teeth. A dental crown placed on an implant or mini implant is the most authentic solution because everything is replaced, including the root of your tooth. A fixed bridge will look and work as well as your real tooth, but it could leave your jawbone at risk for deterioration.


If you have more than one tooth in a row removed, an implant-supported bridge can be a great option for replacing them. You’ll enjoy the security and health benefits of an implant and the affordability of a bridge.


Partial dentures are a reliable option for replacing one or two missing teeth. They are removable like a full set of dentures but are held in place by a clasp rather than the suction of your gums. You can even choose a tooth-colored clasp to make sure it blends in seamlessly.


Get The Care You Need From A Doctor You Trust

Choosing whether or not to have your tooth removed is a difficult decision. You can’t change your mind once the procedure is complete, and if you don’t choose a competent dentist, you could be in worse shape than before!


Parkway Dental is committed to making your choice easier. Our skilled doctors, technology advanced facility, and high-quality tooth replacements are the key to making sure your tooth extraction is a low-stress, high-reward experience. Call us at 770-676-1122 to schedule your consultation with one of our dentists. Or use our online form to reach out.



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