Don’t Fall For Bad Root Canal Myths

Root canal therapy is something no one looks forward. It’s also a treatment that people fear. The term sends a shiver down people’s spine. But what if we told you most of your fears about root canals are unwarranted? You may think were lying, but hear us out. 

Parkway Dental, your Snellville GA dental office, is a family dental office that can treat any dental issue. We pride ourselves on offering gentle, comfortable restorative services for our patients. We’ve also added the latest technology to keep treatment as accurate and noninvasive as possible.

When it comes to root canal therapy, it seems like we’re constantly having to set the record straight with our patients. So here’s a little information you should know about root canal therapy before you jump to conclusions.

Root Canal can be Painless

Having root canal therapy should be no more uncomfortable than getting a filling, especially when you visit Parkway Dental. You might be in pain because of the infected tooth or abscesses, but the root canal therapy will remedy those problems immediately. A root canal also stops the infection in its tracks so it doesn’t move to nearby healthy teeth.   

Root canal therapy has been around for decades, actually more than 100 years, and we admit it likely wasn’t the most comfortable treatment in its early years. But new technology and deeper anesthetic techniques allow us to clean out the infected quickly and comfortably. Now, instead of the patient being in pain, we offer see patients start to doze off during the procedure.  

Root Canals Aren’t Risky

Maybe it’s the reputation behind the treatment that allows people to believe that root canal therapy is risky. It’s far from risky, and in fact, is one of the more predictable procedures in all of dentistry. Our office is using high-tech digital imaging to ensure that we effectively clean out the tooth. Once the tooth is clean, we’ll place antibiotics and then fill the tooth. There are several steps in this treatment, but we’ve found it can be completed with about a 98 percent success rate.

Root Canal Aren’t Dangerous to Your Health

Some information about root canal therapy comes from outdated information, but this one is completely unfounded. Dental experts everywhere have found no evidence that root canal therapy causes any sickness in the body. That theory came from a doctor more than 100 years ago. The doctor promoted tooth extraction over root canals, and some doctors have claimed that people with root canals have an increased risk of cancer. There is no scientific evidence to back up these claims, and many reputable dental organizations have released studies to educate people about the importance of using root canal therapy to save teeth.  

Extraction Shouldn’t Be an Alternative

Nothing is as good as your natural teeth, so you should do what you can to save the tooth. Unfortunately, some people choose to pull an infected tooth instead of having the root canal therapy. This is sometimes because of the cost and because most teeth that have had root canals will need a dental crown restoration. Losing a tooth will cause the bone under the missing tooth to receded, AND your remaining teeth will begin to shift around.  A root canal, on the other hand, will keep the tooth functional for years to come, if not forever. It’s considered a long-term fix. A tooth should only be extracted if it’s too far gone to be saved with a root canal or any other restorative options.

If You Need a Root Canal, You’ll Know

It’s true that an infected root or abscessed tooth can be downright painful, but in some cases, patients need a root canal and have no pain. The best way to know if you need dental work is to visit a dental office and have regular X-rays. If you do have a problem, we will act fast to make sure that issue doesn’t spread to nearby teeth.

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