Dental Bonding Builds Up Your Smile

If you have a chipped tooth, you have a few options for dealing with it:

▸ Ignore it

▸ Get a dental veneer

▸ Get a dental crown

▸ Get dental bonding

Any of the last three can be good options, but today we will focus on the benefits of dental bonding. Chipped teeth are just one of the problems you can fix with this restorative treatment.

At Parkway Dental, our dentists have used the bonding material to help several patients in and around Snellville, GA, rebuild and repair their smiles.

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What Is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding involves adding a tooth-colored composite resin to your teeth.

The process is relatively simple. First, apply an etching solution and we may slightly reshape your tooth to prepare it.

When the tooth is ready, the resin is applied. At this stage, it can be shaped and molded to build up your tooth to a shape and size that fits in with the rest of your smile. Then, a curing light is used to harden the resin.

If needed, more resin can be added. The final step is polishing the bonding material so it looks like a natural part of your tooth.


Why Might You Consider Dental Bonding?

The cosmetic resin used in dental bonding can fix a variety of problems.

From a restorative standpoint, the resin can repair chipped, cracked, and worn-down teeth, or it can be used as part of a dental filling.

From a cosmetic standpoint, bonding can close gaps between teeth, add size to small or short teeth, or create a more common shape for misshapen teeth.

The versatility of dental bonding is part of what makes it such a great service.


Why Might You Pick Bonding Over Another Service?

In our introduction, we gave the example of a patient with a chipped tooth. This is a common problem that affects millions of Americans every year. So, how could you decide if dental bonding is the right choice for fix the chip in your smile?


Dental bonding can be done in less time than either of the other services that we mentioned. In most cases, you can have dental bonding completed during a single visit to our dentist office in Snellville, GA.


This is a consideration for many patients. Dental bonding is less expensive than either veneers or crowns.


Of the three services suggested for fixing a chipped tooth, dental bonding is the most conservative. Bonding does require some preparation of your tooth, but it’s minimal compared to what is required for veneers or crowns.

With veneers, we often have to remove a layer of enamel from the whole front of a tooth so the veneer can be bonded in place. Before you can get a dental crown, we have to grind down much of the outer layer of the tooth to make room for the crown to fit.


Dental bonding also can be used as a part of an overall treatment plan.

You may have a more serious break, in which case a veneer or crown may be more appropriate. For a variety of reasons, there may be a delay in getting your veneer or crown. Dental bonding could provide a relatively low-cost, fast, and temporary fix so your smile can look natural and complete until you are ready for your long-term solution.


Don’t Live With A Bad Smile

That chipped tooth we mentioned could happen in the blink of an eye.

All it takes is one moment of inattention, one bite into something that was harder than you expected, or one accident to cause you to lose a little bit of your smile. With dental bonding, no one will notice what’s missing.

Whether you want to fix your tooth for personal or professional reasons, Dr. Vakharia, Dr. Patel, and the rest of our team at Parkway Dental are happy to help. Whether you choose dental bonding or one of our other services, we hope you will visit us for your restorative and cosmetic dental needs.

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