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Tooth decay is not something people like to talk about.

If you have tooth decay, you may feel embarrassed by the way it has affected the appearance of your teeth. If someone you know has tooth decay, you may feel uncomfortable bringing up what you’ve seen.

Tooth decay can lead to tooth loss, which is bad for a number of reasons, including the effect it can have on your health. Fortunately, you can stop the effects of tooth decay even if that decay has taken hold in one or more of your teeth.

Dental crowns and bridges are a great way to replace one or more teeth that have been damaged, and they can restore the appearance of a set of healthy teeth.

The team at Parkway Dental in Snellville wants you to feel good about your teeth, and we know our dental crowns and bridges can restore your confidence in your smile.

Good candidates for crowns and bridges

You may be wondering if you or someone you know could benefit from dental crowns or bridges. Crowns are used to replace one tooth, whereas dental bridges are used to replace multiple teeth that are close together.

Let’s look at some of the reasons dentist offer these services:

  • To replace missing or decayed teeth – Hopefully this isn’t affecting you, but tooth decay can weaken your teeth, affect the smell of your breath, and cause you pain.

If caught early, the dentist may be able to remove the decayed portions of your tooth or teeth. The remaining portion can then be fitted with a dental crown or bridge that resembles a natural tooth.

  • To cover discolored teeth – Discoloration can result from tooth decay, but it can also be the result of years of tobacco use, decades of drinking coffee, soft drinks, tea, and other stain-causing beverages, or a side of effect of some medications.

A crown or bridge can be used to whiten teeth that are yellowed or discolored.

  • To protect weak teeth – Again, tooth decay is a common cause that can produce weaker teeth. Accidents (falls, getting hit in the mouth with a ball or other object) can damage your teeth as well. Weak teeth may affect how and what you can eat.

A dental crown or bridge can be used to restore your chewing ability.

  • To fix chipped or broken teeth – As we mentioned, accidents happen. Sometimes those accidents cause tooth damage, including chipped and broken teeth. (If this does happen, please know that we offer emergency dental care as well at Parkway Dental.)

Those chips can alter the appearance of your teeth and your smile. A dental bridge or crown is one way to restore the appearance of complete teeth or a complete tooth.

  • To provide support – If you do have a tooth that has been damaged for any reason, it may not be able to provide support to adjacent teeth or to the jawbone. Fitting a dental crown or bridge can provide the physical support to keep those teeth straight and strong.

Dental crowns and bridges aren’t just for looks, they can prolong the life of your natural teeth.

Types of crowns and bridges

For our patients in Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Loganville, and everywhere in between, we offer multiple options for tooth replacement.

For patients who need one tooth replaced or a couple teeth that are not near one another, we offer dental crowns.

After removing the decay from your natural tooth, we can replace it will a ceramic tooth. This replacement tooth looks and functions like a real tooth. We offer both e.max and zirconium dental crowns.

Dental bridges can fill the gap for patients who need multiple teeth replaced in the same part of their mouths.

In those cases, the crowns are cemented together to make the bridge. These are then attached to your real teeth, filling in what would have been empty space in your smile and providing support to the neighboring teeth.

In some instances, the decay has damaged your teeth so much that they should be removed completely. In those cases, we would recommend a dental implant to replace the root of your tooth or teeth.

A dental crown or bridge can be affixed to the implant completing the appearance of a full set of teeth. Since the implant also provides support, your crown or bridge is functional as well.

In other cases, you may not need a full crown. In those cases, we can use an inlay, which covers only the biting surface of your tooth. This serves as an option if you need something more than a filling but not quite a full crown.

Fill in your smile today

If you have been dealing with the pain or embarrassment of tooth decay or tooth loss, then you should call us today. We would be happy to help you restore the look and feel of a complete, strong set of natural-looking teeth for you.

To schedule your appointment, call the Parkway Dental office in Snellville at 770-676-1122 or simply fill out our online form.



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