We Can Help When You Need Wisdom Teeth Removed (video)

At one time, wisdom teeth may have been beneficial for our ancestors. Today, unfortunately, these third molars can cause a lot of problems.

Wisdom teeth typically try to erupt when people are in their late teens or early 20s. We wrote “try” because wisdom teeth can become impacted. This can lead to crowding, changes in your smile, pain, and an increased risk for cavities and gum disease.

Dr. Patel discusses some of these issues in the video below. Thankfully, our team at Parkway Dental can perform wisdom teeth removals at our Snellville, GA, office.

If someone in your family is approaching the age when their wisdom teeth may begin to erupt, makes plans to visit us regularly. We can monitor changes in his or her mouth so you will know if and when those wisdom teeth should be extracted.

To set up an appointment, you can contact us online or call (770) 676-1122.



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