Our Clear Aligners Are Fast And Easy [VIDEO]

Straightening out your orthodontic issues with Invisalign is a simple process at our office. Rather than imposing harsh metal braces on your mouth for 2-3 long years, this discreet treatment method merely requires you to wear a series of clear plastic aligners that are designed to be changed out every two weeks so as to produce a gradual movement of your teeth. You just keep moving down the line in the series until your smile transformation wraps up, usually in about 12 months. We’ve included a video clip below with more information about Invisalign clear aligners. Check it out and then ......

Think Small To Make 2019 A Year Of Big Smiles

You are a little worried. Trying new restaurants used to be fun, but now you have dentures. You are sure that there will be plenty of options on the menu that you would like to try. The problem is you don’t know how well you’ll be able to bite and chew them. Instead of enjoying the experience, you find yourself hunting for something you know won’t pull your teeth out of place. Of course, that’s not your only concern. Sometimes when you talk, your dentures move around. That can make for some awkward moments when you’re placing your order or just trying to have a conversation with someone. ......

Take Action Today To Brighten Your Teeth

You survived the holidays and the New Year. You may have already forgotten about some of your resolutions, but you can always make some changes for the better. Yet, many people will put off doing things they have wanted to do for years. Maybe, you have sacrificed your own wants to help someone you care about. If that’s the case, then now is the time to do a little something for yourself, something like restoring your bright, white smile. At Parkway Dental, this is one of the most common requests we get from patients in and around Snellville, GA. Today we’ll explain two great ways you can ......

Is Dental Anxiety In Control Of My Oral Health? [QUIZ]

Going to the dentist may not be everyone’s favorite thing to do, but since routine cleanings and exams are essential to a healthy mouth, most people accept it as just a part of life. Does that sound like you? Or are you someone who hates going to the dentist so much that you avoid it as much as possible? Take our quiz, courtesy of your friends at Parkway Dental, to see if dental anxiety is in control of your oral health! To learn more about our dental anxiety relief, including dental sedation, call Parkway Dental today at 770-676-1122 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

Include Dental Sealants In Your Protection Plan [VIDEO]

We are not a strictly pediatric practice here at Parkway Dental, but our Snellville, GA office does offer dental sealants as part of our family dentistry services. This is just one of a variety of preventive dental care measures that we deliver in an effort to help our patients of all ages keep their smiles looking great all through life. In today’s video clip from the American Dental Association, you will hear more about dental sealants and how they can protect your family from cavities, and worse things. Once you’ve finished the segment, be sure to contact us online or call us at ......

A New Year To Use Your Dental Insurance [VIDEO]

If you did not come to see us every three to six months last year, this is your chance for a clean slate. In fact, your dental insurance benefits are probably starting over again with the new year. We’ll help you kickstart your resolutions when you contact us online or call us at [phone] to request your next professional teeth cleaning and oral exam at our Snellville, GA dentist’s office. These simple procedures are among the best things you can do for the health and appearance of your smile. It’s especially easy when you have dental insurance. The ADA explains some of this in the video ......

Invisalign Aligners Fix Crooked Smiles Fast

Happy New Year from the team at Parkway Dental. If you are thinking about making orthodontic improvements to your less-than-perfect smile in the coming months, there couldn’t be a better time to get started with a treatment plan. In fact, our Snellville, GA dentist’s office has an amazing alternative to those clunky metal braces you’ve been dreading. So, if you’re serious about transforming your smile in 2019, keep reading and then give us a call at [phone] to request your Invisalign aligners consultation with Drs. Vakharia and Patel. Invisalign Aligners Make It Easy It used to be that ......

Dental Tips for the New Year

In a few days, people everywhere will be ringing in the new year. The new year is a great time to make resolutions for the next 12 months. It’s a time to set up goals and then develop a plan. Our Snellville GA dental office is here to help you overcome dental problems. Parkway Dental is helping patients of all ages, and we even have a number of ways to manage your dental anxiety. Today we want to give you a few pieces of advice you can follow in the new year. Give us a call today at [phone] to set up a dental visit. Schedule Your Cleanings Early in the Year The American Dental Association ...

3 Things to Look For in a Great Dentist

Are you searching for a great dentist in Snellville GA who can handle all of your dental needs? It can be a stressful and rigorous process to find the right dentist. At Parkway Dental, we have helped countless patients overcome their dental issues and discover a better, brighter smile. We understand that everyone’s mouth is different and everyone has a variety of dental concerns. We have designed our office for comfort and only integrate the latest technology. And today we want to share five things to look for in a great dentist. Picking your next dentist is a big decision, and we want to ...

4 Little-Known Facts About Your Teeth

We don’t expect patients to know everything about dentistry or their teeth, but the more you know, the better you’ll understand the importance of great oral care. Our Snellville GA dental office prides itself on its elite dental hygiene team and family dentistry services. We treat every patient with the respect they deserve and never rush patients through their treatments. Parkway Dental is a full-service dental office eager to provide care and help patients relieve their dental problems. If you’re looking for a great dentist, give us a call today at [phone]. In the meantime, we want to ......



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