5 Dental Facts You Need to Know

The more you know about your teeth, the better. Our Snellville Ga., dental office is here to give you a healthier and more beautiful smile. Parkway Dental has solutions for patients of all ages and dental complications. We’re known for our comfortable and safe treatments that will last for years. When it comes to great general dentistry, you’ll need to focus on prevention and great restorative dental care. Parkway Dental sits down with every patient to discuss their smile goals and needs. We also have FREE consultations, so you can take a test drive with our office before you become a ......

No Dental Insurance? Don’t Put Off Oral Care

About 40 percent of the people in this country do not have access to dental insurance. Unfortunately, many of those people choose to forego dental care. Our Snellville Ga., dental office is ready to handle your dental care. Parkway Dental is a full-service dental practice that treats patients of all ages and dental complications. Whether you need prevention, cosmetic dentistry, or even extensive restorative dental treatment, our office is the place for you. We have FREE consultations, too, so we’d be happy to give you a second opinion.    Don’t Let Insurance Companies Tell You What’s Best ...

Remove & Replace to Revive Your Smile

It would be wonderful if everyone got to keep all their natural teeth for their entire lives. In the real world, teeth get cavities. Teeth crack, and teeth break. Any of those things can lead to a tooth infection, which may mean you need to have a tooth or teeth removed. If that should ever happen to you, we strongly recommend that you take steps to replace that tooth in most cases. Thankfully, you can get tooth extractions and replacements at our Snellville, GA dentist office. Likewise, you should act as soon as possible to replace a tooth that has been knocked out or has fallen out. At ......

Your Family Deserves High-Quality Dental Care, Too (video)

Courteous. Informative. Relatable. These are just three things that Ajay likes about the team at our Snellville, GA dentist office. He also appreciates the treatment he and his family have received at Parkway Dental. Our doctors make an effort to explain any issues he may be facing in a way that he can understand, which helps him make good decisions about his oral health. This is something we’ve heard from many of our patients over the years of serving our community. If you are looking for a new general dentist for yourself or your family, please call (770) 676-1122 or contact us online. ......

Small Implants, Full-Sized Support (infographic)

Going big isn’t always the best solution for someone with missing teeth. Mini dental implants pack a full-sized punch, and they can keep your dentures just as secure and stable as standard implants. At Parkway Dental, we’ve seen firsthand how mini implants have improved the smiles and the lives of hundreds of patients in and around Snellville, GA. By going small, these patients can now eat anything they want once again without any worries that their teeth will wobble around in their mouths. Call (770) 676-1122 today or contact us online if you would like to set up an appointment to ......

Your Reward for Hard Work Could Be a Better Smile

You’ve been eating healthier. You’ve been exercising. And you bought a new swimsuit or pair of swimming trunks for your vacation. There’s just one more thing you would like to change before your trip — your smile. Fortunately, you live in or near Snellville, GA. That means you can call (770) 676-1122 to make an appointment at Parkway Dental. Scheduling a consultation with one of our dentists is the best way to find out what cosmetic dentistry can do for your smile. Fix Chips & Cracks Have you ever bitten down on a piece of hard candy? Have you enjoyed eating crunchy foods? Have you ......

Together, We Can Take Care of Bad Breath (video)

Have you noticed a bad taste that never seems to go away? Has anyone pulled you aside to let you know that your breath may be a problem? If this is a chronic issue, we can help. In fact, it’s a common concern for many of our patients. Dr. Ashish Vakharia discusses some of the reasons for this in the video below. More importantly, our team at Parkway Dental can help you address the source of this problem and show you how to prevent it from coming back. If you live in or near Snellville, GA, know that we are not going to judge you if this is an issue for you. We are here to support your ......

4 Ways to Protect Your Smile This Summer

We don’t have to explain how hot it can get in the summer in Snellville, GA. On the upside, we get to enjoy more daylight. That means longer get-togethers with family and friends, and more time we can spend relaxing or playing. Summer is a great time for a barbecue or to take on a ballgame. But it also can pose some particular problems for your mouth. Today, our team at Parkway Dental is offering four suggestions for things you can do to keep your healthy smile intact this summer … and many more summers to come. One thing you can do any time of year is schedule a dental cleaning and exam ......

The Ultimate At-Home Oral Hygiene Quiz

How much do you really know about your oral health? Our Snellville GA dental office prides itself on educating every patient that walks into our doors. Our general dentistry services can help keep your mouth healthy and bright. We’d love to see you in our office. But we have designed a simple quiz for you to take regarding general dentistry and great at-home care. You may not know all of the answers, but that’s not the point. The point is to get you thinking differently about your oral health. Give us a call today at 770-676-1122 or use the online form to schedule a visit. Loading The ......

Parkway Dental Means “Pain-free Work Here Every time”

We can’t predict what our smiles might need over the course of our life. But most of use will suffer from dental decay at some point. When that happens we all want a dentist who can give us pain-free solutions. Our Snellville GA dental office has always been at the forefront of providing comfortable solutions to your dental problems. At Parkway Dental, we are only using the latest techniques and treatments, and we don’t expect our patients to grit-and-bear it through dental pain. To ease their concerns, we’re using sedation dentistry that can keep you more comfortable during your ......



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