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It’s Oral Cancer Awareness Month In Snellville

This April we are trying to get the word out about oral cancer, and hopefully we will save a few lives in the process. You see, if you want to have peace of mind about what may or may not be going on in your mouth, all you have to do is schedule your next professional teeth cleaning and oral exam. These preventive visits will allow us to see if any changes have occurred over the last six months, so that we can quickly come up with a plan of action, if need be. As actor and oral cancer survivor Michael Douglas illustrates in the PSA video clip below, finding a dentist you can trust to ......

Preventive Dentistry Fights Plaque And More

If you expect to keep a healthy, great-looking smile all through life, you will have to be diligent about your home hygiene efforts in the months between visits to our office. Then, when you are here for your regular teeth cleanings and exams, our dental hygienists will work on eradicating any of the dangerous plaque and bacteria that is still on or around your teeth and gums. The video clip below has more on the dangers of dental plaque. So, take a look and then call Parkway Dental in Snellville, GA today at [phone] or fill out our online form to schedule your preventive dentistry ......

The Place For Affordable Dentistry In Snellville

We strongly believe that keeping up with your six-month teeth cleanings and oral exams is an easy step to take so that you can maintain excellent oral health and thus avoid a world of pain and expense down the road. Most insurance policies will cover two of these preventive visits per year. And, as the video clip below explains, our patients without insurance appreciate that we try hard to consistently offer affordable dentistry solutions. Accordingly, we’re all about providing FREE consultations, treatment discounts, and simple payment options. To find out more about the possibilities, ......

Boost Your Gum Health Now!

Our preventive dentistry treatments go a long way toward boosting your gum health, as the video clip below can attest. It actually comes from one of our extremely pleased patients who got their smile back on track with the help of our team. Take a look and then call Parkway Dental in Snellville, GA at [phone] or fill out our online form to schedule your next appointment. For best results, you should be visiting our comfortable office twice a year, at least.

Don’t Fear Your Root Canal Treatment

We have seen time and time again how restorative treatments, including root canals, can alleviate dental pain, preserve a patient’s oral health, and save the integrity of a smile. Don’t worry, if you are in need of such a service, we’ll take a gentle approach that is informed by modern technology, local anesthetic, and a comfort menu to help you relax while you are here for that important work. In the meantime, you can hear more from Dr. Vakharia on the topic of our root canal treatment in the video clip below. So, please plan to take a look and then get in touch with our Snellville, GA ......

A Healthy Smile For Spring [VIDEO]

Our preventive dentistry solutions will keep you smiling big through every season of life. In the video clip below you’ll hear all about what you can count on during your next checkup. So, take a look and then call Parkway Dental in Snellville, GA at [phone] or fill out our handy online form to schedule an appointment for a healthy smile this spring and beyond.

The Place For Athletic Mouthguards In Snellville

In order to sidestep dental damage, and all the related pain and expense, you will want to schedule a quick visit with our team to have your sports-playing kids fitted for an oral appliance that will protect their teeth and gums all season long. As an added bonus, since our athletic mouthguards actually fit, they’ll be able to speak clearly and breathe a wholel ot better than the types of mouthguards you can find at the big box store nearest you. In fact, the video clip below comes from our friends at the American Dental Association and it contains a few thoughts on the importance of ......

Probiotics & Oral Health

What Are Probiotics?  There is a good chance you have at least heard the word probiotics at some point in your life. Whether in a TV commercial or from your doctor. But do you really know what probiotics are? Keep reading to find out a fair amount more, and then give our Snellville, GA dentist’s office a call at [phone] to request your next easy appointment at Parkway Dental. Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for your body. The word bacteria is often associated with germs or illness, but your body is actually full of both good and bad bacteria. Probiotics are the good ......

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

You’ve probably heard of wisdom teeth, but have you put any thought into what they are? They are actually just a third set of molars believed to be called wisdom teeth because they tend to emerge at a relatively mature age — typically, late teens to early 20s.  Most people will eventually have these molars removed, though many do not. If you are one of the lucky ones who retains your wisdom teeth problem-free, they will actually help you chew your food. If you or your child has been experiencing pain and you believe the wisdom teeth may be to blame, call Parkway Dental to schedule an ......

Embarrassed by Your Gummy Smile? We Can Help!

Even though your gums are a natural part of your mouth, people who have an excessive amount of gum tissue showing when they smile tend to be unhappy or embarrassed by their smile. This is commonly known as a “gummy smile.” In most cases, having a gummy smile isn’t an urgent problem, rather more of a cosmetic one. But if your gum tissue embarrasses you enough to make you hide your smile, we want to help.  At Parkway Dental, we regularly treat patients who are embarrassed by their teeth and are desperate for a solution. Fortunately, we have several treatment options available that can help ......



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