Parkway Dental Means “Pain-free Work Here Every time”

We can’t predict what our smiles might need over the course of our life. But most of use will suffer from dental decay at some point. When that happens we all want a dentist who can give us pain-free solutions. Our Snellville GA dental office has always been at the forefront of providing comfortable solutions to your dental problems. At Parkway Dental, we are only using the latest techniques and treatments, and we don’t expect our patients to grit-and-bear it through dental pain. To ease their concerns, we’re using sedation dentistry that can keep you more comfortable during your ......

5 Things To Do At Home For a Bright, Healthy Smile

Our Snellville GA dental office is here to help you overcome your smile flaws and restore function to your smile. At Parkway Dental, we have the tools to treat patients of all ages and dental complications. But when it comes to achieving and maintaining a healthy smile, you do much of the work. Even if you have received some substantial dental treatment, you still need to practice great oral hygiene at home. Today we want to share a few tips about how you can keep your smile looking great. Don’t Forget to Floss This is usually something you hear from your dentist, and that’s because, most ...

Resolve Sensitive Teeth At Snellville GA Dentist [VIDEO]

Do you have specific dental needs that your dentist just can’t pinpoint? Come visit our Snellville GA dental office, Parkway Dental, to see a family dental team that will provide elite services that will address your dental needs. At Parkway Dental, we have solutions both cosmetic and restorative. You can trust that each of our treatments is state-of-the-art and necessary to help your improve your overall health. We will also walk you through each treatment before beginning. Just listen to one of our patient’s, Shawn. He struggled to find a dentist who could resolve his issue with ......

Don’t Fall For Bad Root Canal Myths

Root canal therapy is something no one looks forward. It’s also a treatment that people fear. The term sends a shiver down people’s spine. But what if we told you most of your fears about root canals are unwarranted? You may think were lying, but hear us out.  Parkway Dental, your Snellville GA dental office, is a family dental office that can treat any dental issue. We pride ourselves on offering gentle, comfortable restorative services for our patients. We’ve also added the latest technology to keep treatment as accurate and noninvasive as possible. When it comes to root canal therapy, ......

Dentistry Without The Pain

As we age, our dental needs change. Some of us just need simple maintenance, while others need extensive dental work like restorative dentistry or even tooth replacement options. Parkway Dental is a Snellville GA dental office that has the training to treat patients of all dental complications — without the pain. Don’t think that, even if you need extensive dental work, that you’ll have to suffer. We take our time and work with patients to make sure they are comfortable in the chair. Here’s a message from our of our patients who can tell you what it feels like to undergo treatment at our ......

5 Dental Myths Exposed

Today the slightest fever or abnormal twinge sends us frantically searching the Internet to diagnose our own problem. It’s amazing to live in such an age, but the problem is that not all information is credible. You can always trust the dental professionals and Snellville GA general dentistry office to guide you to a healthier, brighter smile. At Parkway Dental, we offer a series of dental treatments for patients, regardless of their age or dental complication. One thing we pride ourselves on is our elite and professional dental team. You can reach us by calling (770) 691-2229 or using ......

3 BIGGEST Benefits on Invisalign Treatment

When’s the last time you were able to smile with confidence? Do you often wish you could magically fix your crooked teeth once and for all? Maybe you can’t stand the thought of braces, or maybe you believe that you’re too old for orthodontics. Our Snellville, GA dental office has a treatment for you: Invisalign. Invisalign is revolutionary new way to straighten crooked teeth. It uses no metal brackets or wires, and the orthodontic aligners are essentially invisible. At Parkway Dental, we are using Invisalign to straighten teeth for teens and adults. Adults love this new treatment because ......

Your Teeth May NOT Be Too Far Gone [VIDEO]

Some patients dealing with dental pain or bad teeth can sometimes hit to their wit’s end and want to pull of their teeth. At our Snellville GA dental office, we understand the frustration of having multiple dental issues. That’s why we offer treatments from general dentistry to restorative dentistry. Dental work can be overwhelming. But don’t sell yourself short and give up on your teeth unless you absolutely have to. Listen to a story from one of our incredible patients. She is a cancer survivor who thought she was likely to lose all of her teeth. We helped her get her smile back. Don’t ......

Dentistry For All Ages in Snellville GA

Your smile demands will change as you age. So you need a dentist trained in all aspects of dentistry. Someone who can help you at every stage and has a variety of restorative and cosmetic solutions to help you. You’ll find dentistry at all ages at our Snellville GA dental office, Parkway Dental. So whatever you’re dealing with, we can help you today. Give us a call today at (770) 691-2229 or use the online form to book a visit. Our office offers family dentistry services for you and your loved ones. We treat everyone from 2 year olds to 102 year olds. Treating Your Children With Great ......

Correct Teeth Without Needles, Drills

You want a better smile, but you’re afraid of the amount of dental work you’ll need. Or maybe you’re worried about the needles and dental drills. At our Snellville, GA dental office, we have a series of treatments that we can render without having to use dental drills or needles. In some cases, we can fix your smile in a single visit. At Parkway Dental, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for patients of all ages. So whether you have young children or you need dental work, we’re the place for you. You can start your dental journey by calling us today at (770) 691-2229 or use the ......



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