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The human body is an amazing thing. We can identify where things are based on sound. We can recognize colors and identify how far away things without any effort.

But we also have spare parts like our appendix, our tonsils, and our wisdom teeth. Once upon a time they served a purpose, but it seems like the only time we hear about them is when they are causing a problem and need to be removed.

We can’t help with your appendix or your tonsils, but we can remove your wisdom teeth if they are affecting your other teeth. If you or someone you know needs his or her wisdom teeth removed, please call Parkway Dental in Snellville.

Why we have wisdom teeth

Once upon our time, our wisdom teeth did serve a purpose. These are your final set of molars, and like other molars they were used as a surface to grind and chew the food our distant relatives ate. explained the former function of our wisdom teeth. According to this article, our ancestors ate nuts, roots, leaves, and meats, but they had not been processed like what we buy in the grocery.

The final molars provided more surface area to grind their food, which meant less wear and tear on each individual tooth.

Today, we eat a much softer diet, and we use utensils like knives and forks to break up our food into bite-sized pieces before we put it in our mouths.

Why we take out our wisdom teeth

This raises another question. If our wisdom teeth served a purpose, why do so many people need to have them removed?

As our need for wisdom teeth went away, human mouths have changed, too. For many people, there simply isn’t enough room in their mouths to accommodate one more set of molars.

When your wisdom teeth come in, they can cause a variety of problems.

– Alignment problems are a common issue. As your wisdom teeth erupt, they are fighting for space with your existing teeth. This may cause them to push into your teeth, forcing them out of alignment.

When this happens, your teeth may be pushed closer together or forced into crooked positions.

– Other times, your wisdom teeth cannot erupt correctly. If your teeth become impacted (stuck in your gums), this can cause pain. Trust us when we say wisdom tooth removal is a much better option.

– Wisdom teeth can increase your risk for a gum infection. If your wisdom teeth are impacted or partially impacted, you should have them pulled out.

Impacted teeth can create pockets where for bacteria can gather, leading to gum disease and tooth decay.

– Wisdom teeth may weaken your jawbone. If your wisdom teeth don’t have room to grow, the problems mentioned above also can cause infections that weaken the structure of your jaw. This can lead to serious health problems in your mouth.

– Wisdom teeth can affect your sinuses. You could experience congestion, pain, and pressure on your sinuses unless your wisdom teeth are pulled.

Wisdom teeth removal

We also understand the wisdom teeth removal process may seem scary.

Pulling your wisdom teeth, or any tooth, may have you thinking about pain, needles, and other things. The good news is you don’t really have to worry about that with modern dentistry.

Today we can remove wisdom teeth quickly and painlessly. With modern tools, technology, and anesthetics, we can remove your teeth in our office without you feeling any pain.

In most cases, we give you a local anesthetic to numb the area. When you are comfortable, we use special tools to gently remove your wisdom teeth. You may feel some pressure as we pull, but you should not feel pain.

Please, let your dentist know right away if you do not feel comfortable at any time during the procedure.

For patients who need some help relaxing, we offer sedation with nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or oral conscious sedation (medication). Either method is safe and efficient, and they will help you relax during your wisdom teeth removal.

The ‘wise’ decision

You shouldn’t let your wisdom teeth become a burden. We’ve explained how they can cause pain, overcrowding, and increased risk of infections. For many people, the wise move is to have their wisdom teeth pulled.

Regular visits for examinations and cleanings can help the team at Parkway Dental know when your wisdom teeth are starting to erupt. Even if you haven’t been a regular patient, we will be more than happy to look at how your wisdom teeth are coming in. If needed, we will be happy to perform your wisdom teeth removal, too.

Call us today at (770) 676-1122 or fill out our online form to make your appointment.



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