Be Ready For Your Big Day With Teeth Whitening

Kristen wanted to look her best on her wedding day. Unfortunately, some medication she was taking had a side effect on the color of her smile. She came to our office, where she was one of our first patients to use the KöR teeth whitening system. Listen to what she had to say about her experience in the video below. Then, you can call Parkway Dental in Snellville, GA at [phone] or contact us online. Find out what whitening or our other cosmetic services can do for you.

Dental Veneers Transform Smiles

You may be looking to make a small change to your smile. Or maybe you are looking for a big change to boost your confidence in your smile. Either way, you owe it to yourself to schedule a consultation with one of our dentists in Snellville, GA. Find out if dental veneers could be the perfect solution for your smile situation. Call Parkway Dental at [phone] or contact us online to set up your next appointment. Made with Visme Infographic Maker

3 Reasons To Visit Our Dentists Before 2021

We understand that 2020 has been an unusual year. So, we understand if you may not have been to the dentist … yet. We also hope you will schedule a visit with us before 2021 arrives. Here are three reasons why: 1. To protect your smile Ideally, you can avoid oral health problems for life. In addition to your daily brushing and flossing, you should make regular visits for professional dental cleanings. We’ll remove plaque and tartar buildup, which can spare you from cavities and gum infections. 2. To treat problems We want you to be spared from cavities, periodontal disease, and more. Yet ......

Discover Comfortable Dental Care At Our Practice

Ron isn’t a fan of dental work, but he feels comfortable coming to Parkway Dental. That’s partly due to our inhaled sedation (laughing gas), but it’s largely because of our team of friendly professionals. “I can say that they’ve put me at ease, and I’ve had pain-free work here every time,” he says in the video below. Take a moment to hear more of what Ron has to say about our Snellville, GA dental practice. Then make your next appointment with us. Call [phone] or contact us online.

Your Healthy Smile Is Our Business

At our general dentist office, every member of our team wants you to have a healthy smile. While no two patients are the same, our commitment to helping each patient with their needs. We are happy to say Jerry is one of our patients. You can listen as he discusses our approach to learn why he enjoys visiting us. Then, call Parkway Dental in Snellville, GA at 770-676-1122 or fill out our online form to plan your next appointment with us.

Clear Aligners Could Get Your Smile In Line

You are ready to do something about your crooked teeth. You don’t want braces, but you do want a straight smile. It’s a good thing you live near Snellville, GA, because you can get Invisalign clear aligners at our office. What can Invisalign fix? Invisalign has proven to work on a variety of alignment problems. These aligners have helped people with crooked and crowded teeth. They have closed gaps between teeth. The aligners also can crooked bite issues including overbites and underbites. How does Invisalign work? A set of clear aligners are custom-made for each patient. Each aligner ......

Take Action Against TMJ Disorders

It hurts. That’s the first thing you notice … when you wake up, when you eat, even when you are just trying to get some work done. The pain associated with a TMJ disorder can interfere with your daily life. But you can change that. You can make an appointment at Parkway Dental to treat your condition. Understand Your Situation TMJ disorders affect one or both of your temporomandibular joints. These are the joints that connect your lower jaw (or mandible) to the rest of your skull. TMJ problems can affect the joint itself of the muscles and tissues around the joints. You may notice one or ......

Dental Crowns Bring Back Smiles

Your teeth aren’t looking as good as you would like. You might have a cavity. Maybe you broke one of your teeth. You might have a crack, or your tooth just may be showing signs of wear and tear. No matter which of these issues is affecting you, you can fix it with a dental crown. Crowns are an invaluable tool in our restorative dentistry, and they can repair your smile. Contact us online or call Parkway Dental in Snellville, GA at 770-676-1122 to set up your next appointment. Made with Visme Infographic Maker

Discover How Dental Implants Could Help You

Kartikey had a decision to make. Would he get a dental bridge or a dental implant? Our team walked him through the process to help him decide what was best for his needs. He went with the implant, and he has been happy with that decision. “It was a wonderful experience, they took me from Point A to point B,” Kartikey says in the video below. We can get you and your smile where you want to be as well. Call Parkway Dental in Snellville, GA at 770-676-1122 or contact us online to request an appointment to discuss your needs and your options.

Keep Your Smile With A Tooth Extraction

If it was up to us, everyone would have healthy smiles for life and no one would need tooth extractions. The reality is that we don’t live in that perfect world, and something taking out a bad tooth can be what you need to preserve your oral health in the long run. Why do people have teeth extracted? This happens for a variety of reasons. For example, when a tooth is severely damaged by decay or injury, it may not be restorable. Removing and replacing it is often the best solution in that situation. For people with crowded teeth, tooth removal can make orthodontic care much simpler. Why ......



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