5 Types of Restorative Dentistry in Snellville

It would be nice if we could all keep our teeth healthy and intact through good oral hygiene and regular dental visits. And indeed, those practices are the best way to minimize your need for more invasive restorative procedures. But at some point, most people will end up with a cavity, accidentally damage a tooth, or otherwise find themselves in need of a repair. 

Thanks to advances in dental technology and materials, today’s restorative procedures are less uncomfortable, more effective, and more lifelike than ever before. 

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Fillings are a common type of restoration that are used to restore cavities, or decayed parts of a tooth. Amalgam, or metal fillings, are super effective and still used, especially in the back of the mouth where they are not likely to be visible. Composite resin fillings, which are precisely matched to the color of your teeth, are extremely popular and recommended for the front of the mouth and other “visible” areas. 


If a cavity is too large to be repaired with a filling, your tooth is severely cracked or damaged, or you’ve just a root canal, you may need a crown: a permanent cap that fits over the tooth. Your crown will be custom-crafted to perfectly match your tooth color and shape. Crowns can be made from porcelain, ceramic, gold, and other materials.


A traditional bridge is a type of prosthesis used to replace a missing tooth or multiple adjacent teeth. It consists of two crowns that are placed on the teeth adjacent to the gap, and a pontic, or replacement tooth, to replace each missing tooth. In order for a bridge to be placed, the adjacent healthy teeth must be shaved down a bit in order for their crowns to fit. 


Conventional dentures replace multiple missing teeth and gum tissue, restoring your smile and enabling you to eat and speak with ease again. They are custom made to fit your mouth comfortably, and are removed for cleaning and sleeping. You can get full dentures or — if you have some of your natural teeth remaining — partial dentures. 

Dental Implants

Dental implants are another way to replace missing teeth. What makes them exceptional is that unlike conventional bridges and dentures, which sit on top of the gumline, dental implants replace the entire tooth, including the root. We use a titanium post that is surgically implanted into the jawbone, which grows around the post as you heal. We then attach an abutment and a crown, or false tooth. A dental implant feels and functions just like a real tooth and is just as stable. We can even use dental implants to secure dentures for extra stability. 

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