5 Dental Facts You Need to Know

The more you know about your teeth, the better. Our Snellville Ga., dental office is here to give you a healthier and more beautiful smile. Parkway Dental has solutions for patients of all ages and dental complications. We’re known for our comfortable and safe treatments that will last for years.

When it comes to great general dentistry, you’ll need to focus on prevention and great restorative dental care. Parkway Dental sits down with every patient to discuss their smile goals and needs. We also have FREE consultations, so you can take a test drive with our office before you become a patient … or even get a second opinion. Today we want to share 5 facts about your mouth that you need to know.

  1. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss.

People are surprised to learn that gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss, but it’s true. Gum disease is a massive problem in this country. About 50 percent of people 30 and older will struggle with gum disease. This issue, also known as periodontal disease, can destroy the gum tissue and underlying bone. Gum disease often starts out small, with bleeding or swollen gums. This early stage of gum disease is called gingivitis. This is curable. However, the more advanced stages of gum disease are not curable. Advanced gum disease, known as periodontitis, can quickly take over the mouth and claim multiple teeth.

If you struggle with gum disease, it’s recommended that you visit the office about once every three to four months for cleanings and exams. These frequent visits allow us to better monitor the infection and make any necessary treatments.

  1. About 35 percent of the tooth is beneath the gum line.

Why does this statistic matter? Well, in a word: floss! If you’re brushing your teeth the recommend two times a day, you still can’t clean every portion of the tooth. That’s because a big portion of the tooth is located beneath the gums, making it inaccessible. You clean that portion of the tooth with floss. Floss helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease, which you learned about above!

So, the next time you want to skip flossing, think about that 35 percent statistic. You wouldn’t only clean 65 percent of your body in the shower, so don’t just clean 65 percent of your tooth.

  1. Gum disease is related to overall health problems

You learned that gum disease can cause you to lose teeth, but it’s also linked to serious health problems like heart disease and diabetes. As you might already know, heart disease and diabetes are major problems in America, and actually some of our leading killers. While there is no cause-and-effect associated with gum disease and heart disease or gum disease and diabetes, these problems have similar properties. All of these diseases are based on inflammation and and share similar bacteria.

One study from 2014 even found that people who treat their gum disease actually decrease the care cost of heart disease by 10 to 40 percent compared with those who have poor oral care. The same study found that people with gum disease have a 20 percent greater risk of heart disease.

Studies have also that gum disease can increase the risk of arthritis, some cancers, respiratory problems, and osteoporosis.

  1. Dentures provide only 25 to 50 percent power of natural teeth

Removable dentures are a type of tooth replacement option, but they are not the equal to your natural teeth by any stretch. Studies have found that dentures only provide between 25 and 50 percent of the power of natural teeth. That means you can’t enjoy many of your favorite foods because you don’t have the right function with your teeth.

The reason for the poor function of removable dentures is jawbone recession. Whenever the teeth are lost, the jawbone recedes. This recession will change the shape of your face (people often develop wrinkles around the mouth and see the nose and chin draw closer together). But perhaps worse, the jawbone recession makes it difficult to find the most appropriate fit for your dentures. So it’s common for patients who have dentures to have the appliances slide around in the mouth while they try to eat or speak. Or they have to apply denture adhesives multiple times throughout the day.

To help stabilize your dentures or to replace single missing teeth, we’re using dental implants. Our dental implants are made from titanium and merge with the jawbone. In fact, dental implants are nearly as strong as natural teeth. With dental implants, you’ll be able to eat whatever you want without the concern of your teeth flying out.

  1. Crooked teeth can decrease your oral health

Crooked teeth are often seen as cosmetic issue, but the truth is that crooked can decrease your oral health. It’s been found that people with crooked teeth have a heightened risk of tooth decay, gum disease, tooth chips, tooth fractures, or even jaw soreness.

Luckily, today you don’t need traditional braces to fix many orthodontic problems. Today we can use a treatment known as Invisalign to move teeth into a more appropriate position. Invisalign uses no metal brackets or wires. Rather, the system uses a series of clear orthodontic aligners than can be removed. Invisalign is fast and virtually invisible. With the treatment being removable, patients can easily take off the aligners for cleaning and eating.

Invisalign has become a popular option for our patients who do not want to deal with the hassle of metal braces. They can smile without hesitation throughout their treatment.

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