A Service We Hope You Never Need: Emergency Dental Care

A day at the park can go from relaxing to urgent in a moment.

You could be minding your own business, when you hear someone yell, “Look out!” You may turn just in time to get struck by a ball that breaks a tooth or knocks one loose.

You could be enjoying a picnic lunch with your sweetheart when a seemingly innocent bite of dessert causes you tooth to begin aching uncontrollably.

In both of these situations, you would be having a dental emergency. You also would have a reason to call (770) 676-1122 to contact Parkway Dental as soon as possible.

Our dentists in Snellville, GA, understand that you want help quickly when you are having a dental emergency. It’s why we will make every effort to see you the same day that you contact us.

If you are calling outside of our regular hours, your call will be forwarded to one of our team members so you can find out what you should do.


Stop The Pain During A Dental Emergency

Pain isn’t the only issue that may arise during a dental emergency, but it is the thing the issue that you will want to be addressed as quickly as possible.

Let’s consider what you can do in the same emergencies we mentioned in our day at the park gone awry.

▪︎ After you get over being stunned by getting hit with the ball, you will want to check to see if you are missing a tooth or part of a tooth. If a tooth has been knocked out trying to find it and pick up by the crown. If a tooth is broken, try to find the piece or pieces.

The next thing you should do is rinse your mouth. You may be bleeding as a result of the trauma to your mouth. Rinse the tooth to remove any dirt or blood. Rinse your mouth, too. If the bleeding continues, use gauze to soak the blood and to apply pressure until the bleeding ends. Then rinse your mouth again.

With a tooth that has been knocked out of your mouth, try to place it back in its socket. If it will stay, leave it there until you can see on of our dentists in Snellville, GA.

If it won’t stay, place the tooth in a container of milk. It may still be possible to save it in some cases.

Broken teeth can have sharp edges or points. It’s a good idea to cover them with a clean piece of gauze or a ball of dental wax. This can help prevent an accident cut to the soft tissues of your mouth (lips, tongue, and cheeks).

You may experience pain or swelling. Ice or a cold pack can reduce swelling and numb the area. You also can take an over-the-counter pain reliever to help alleviate the pain until you can see one of our dentists.

▪︎ The toothache that seems to come out of nowhere may be the result of a slow-developing issue. It may be a coincidence that your toothache started during your picnic.

However, it’s also possible that you have a tooth infection that has caused increased sensitivity to hot, cold, or sweet foods and drinks. Your bite of dessert may have been the straw the broke the camel’s back in this situation.

Before we assume that you have a tooth infection, however, it’s worth using dental floss around the painful tooth. Sometimes a piece of food can get stuck and dislodging it may ease the pain.

It that doesn’t help, then you should call our dentist office in Snellville, GA. Again, you may want to apply an ice pack if you notice swelling or take a pain reliever if needed.

(You should NOT hold aspirin in your mouth near the affected tooth, however. This can cause burns to the soft tissue of your mouth.)


Get Help When You Need It

As the title of this post reads, we hope you never need emergency dental care. Nevertheless, it’s best to be prepared in case a dental emergency does arise.

Save our number in your phone now — (770) 676-1122. This way you will be able to call Parkway Dental as soon as possible if you should ever need it.



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